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ATCs are 2.5″ x 3.5″ – and in case you didn’t know ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. They are small works of art that we love to make and trade. I am a member of Facebook group Creative Crafty Friends. Right now we are making and trading ATCs that feature the letter T. I made two to trade. Let me show you the easiest one first. Hahahaha!

This is actually three photos of the same piece of paper. I cut a piece of mixed media paper to the correct size and used my Schmincke watercolors to add what I hoped would be a sunset type sky. Think ground at the bottom, working your way up to a sunset. In the first photo I just laid down colors. Please excuse me if I used the wrong ‘laid’ – I have never understood which layed or laid I should use. Sorry. I just got the colors on the paper in the order I wanted them. Then in the second photo I added more water to the layers with my water brush. The changes are subtle. Then in the third photo I added more water along that sky/trees/grass line and let the water and colors just blend.

I put a dab of white acrylic craft paint on my mat and sprayed it with water. Then I picked up some color with my fan brush and tapped it against my finger – making splatters. This photo is misleading. The brush is actually about six inches above the paper. That is a good working distance.

Isn’t it pretty?

Then I grabbed my clear Wink of Stella brush pen and used it to make more splatters. These would be clear but sparkly.

Can you see the sparkles from the Wink of Stella?

Next step was to pull a stencil out of my stencil project box, a finger dabber and my black archival ink pad.

You can see how I layered here. This stencil came from Joggles and it’s called Winter Tree Itty Bitty ATC Stencil. I used the finger dabber to pick the ink up from the pad then stamped the ink all over the stencil. Making sure to get a good solid layer on the ATC.

And this ATC is complete. Easy peasy and it looks super! Normally I ink the edges of my ATCs but I didn’t want to distract from the beautiful colors on this one.

In person you can see a great deal more sparkle and shimmer which just adds to the overall sunset idea.

Interested in trading art projects with some like-minded friends? Creative Crafty Friends is looking to add some more ‘friends.’ If you are interested, just click here. There will probably be a couple questions to answer so Sarah and Jennifer know you are real people. If they ask, you can tell them Alice sent you <3 .

11 thoughts on “Letter T ATC

  1. Your artist trading card came out real well. I know who ever receives it will cherish it. Thanks for asking us to join the trading club. I will decline at this time. but appreciate being asked.

    • I am using all my stencils at least once and moving them into a drawer. trying to work them in wherever I can 🙂

  2. Love this – have always loved tree silhouettes & the rainbow coloured background provides a perfect foil for it. I can well imagine it’s sparkly in reality. As to the spelling – it’s laid, so you’re right. That’s according to the Concise English Dictionary (Oxford).

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