Getting Inky! Uh, Sketchy!


I purchased my first Johanna Basford coloring book back in 2013 – Secret Garden. I never color in it. I just drool over it. Since then I’ve also picked up Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean. But did you know Johanna is up to something new? She is teaching her techniques and I am participating in the class. Yep. It’s closed to new members right now but you can pick up her newest book How to Draw Inky Wonderlands. That is what she is using in the class. You can see a lot of Johanna’s tutorials on her YouTube channel.

I am running behind everyone else in the class. Nothing new there. Hahahaha! As I do the lessons, I am working in my Report & Art Book from Hahnemühle and using my technical pens from Zebra. Making notes of what worked and what didn’t – I am also going to be using this for my Getting Sketchy posts in Facebook group Tangle All Around.

Inky Wonderlands is a workbook where Johanna shows you step by step what to draw. And she gives free license to make each pattern your own by adding your own details.

This simple flower starts with a circle and four lines. It really is as simple as that.

A lot of fun – I can tell you that! I will be working in this book all weekend long. You do not have to go in order either. Johanna set up the book so you can jump around and do your favorite sections first. Hahahaha! I don’t know which section is my favorite but I figured florals was a good place to start. I just wish she had included a steampunk section. Maybe that will be another book in her growing line.

How to Draw Inky Wonderlands
Report & Art Book and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

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13 thoughts on “Getting Inky! Uh, Sketchy!

  1. Went to buy this book from Amazon and then the price doubled. Where can one buy this in Canada?
    Would Love to buy this but can’t afford to buy it in the Usa.


  2. I bought her books also..but I colored mine…and I was thrilled when she offered the class and the book. I love it…and can see it as a wonderful adjunct to my zentangle /art practice. Thanks for sharing your sketches..Looking forward to using book and practicing her techniques.

    • and please feel free to post your work in Tangle All Around – I’m good with that

  3. Great class and I’m behind as well.. Good thing those videos will be up for awhile. It was definitely fun and I’ll look forward to more of your inky posts.

    • thanks, sherri, feel free to post your work in Tangle All Around. maybe not specifically tangles but they follow a step by step process and I’m good with that

  4. wish I had know about the class Hoping to catch her next time out I did however get the book Loving what I have seen so far

    • everything she taught is in that book. and the book is set up so you can jump around and not follow page by page. just have fun playing with it

  5. I missed this completely but have now signed up for emails. I remember seeing something about Johanna right at the beginning before she got so prolific. Drawing like this would be brilliant for bible journaling. And this kind of drawing I think I could manage, I’ll see if I can take a peek at her book when I’m in town next…… Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  6. I’ve got really excited by this & have signed up for future emails. The potential for bible journaling is enormous for I now see a way of drawing scenes with this method & I absolutely love the idea of those garlands. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I first stumbled across an article about Johanna way back before her books were around I think it was but haven’t really kept an eye on what she’s been up to since.

    • yes, this would be perfect for that. this is kind of the idea I have in mind for Tangle Starts in the Word. floral tangle patterns from me and then patterns from contributors like you <3

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