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Still making ATCs here while the cold is chilling outside. It got down to 2° F last night. Downright cold it was. Hahaha! Just as you would expect it to be. So I am staying indoors and playing. Let me show you this simple ATC I put together for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends.

I began the way I usually do – with a scrap from a gelli plate pull. I am running out of these and need to spend a day just playing with gelli plates. Sounds fun, right? The swap was for Letter B items and I went with butterfly because I love them. This Darkroom Door stamp is twelve inches long. That makes it pretty much perfect for all types of art! Maybe a little overkill for an ATC that is 2.5″ x 3.5″ so I just inked part of it.

Parts of it didn’t ink the way I wanted it to but I figured I could just work around those areas. Plus, I was planning on slapping a big ol’ butterfly on this ATC and that would take care of the rest of the part that didn’t stamp well.

This is what I had after I trimmed this down to the correct ATC size.

I pulled out a bunch of butterfly items to pick from. And I actually only used 3 pieces – I kept it minimal. For me.

You know by now what I did first. I learned this the hard way. Sometimes it is harder to come back and ink the edges after you are done making the ATC. You may not want ink on some of the embellishments. Been there, done that, so I learned. Ink the edges first.

I thought this Salty Ocean color would be perfect and it was!

I had this sheet of rub-on words from a long time ago and honestly I didn’t know how they would work after all this time. Rub-ons come on a clear piece of paper and you just cut out the part you want to use. In this photo you can see the paper – the letters are stuck on the underside. You just use a popsicle stick or a bone folder and rub over those letters till they turn almost clear, then gently lift the paper away.

When you lift the paper away – peek and make sure the letters are sticking to the page underneath. I had trouble with the t’s in this piece and went over and over and over them with the popsicle stick. They never did work right and I had to fill in the top parts with a fineliner pen.

Next was to select one of those butterfly dimensional stickers to cover up some of that not so lovely stamping I did. Hahaha! It’s all good! And these butterflies are retired from eight years ago. So no link, sorry.

Wow! That’s really dark. These gems are a really pretty teal/ blue and they look great on the ATC. A staple from Walmart. Pre-stickified – you just put them where you want and they stay there.

And that’s pretty much it. I kept this ATC pretty basic so it wouldn’t detract from those beautiful butterflies. This particular gelly roll pen is clear with sparkles. I use it a lot!

Sparkles just don’t photograph well, so I shot from an angle to give you an idea.

This is a really stunning ATC in real-life. I went over those leaf lines with the sparkle pen also. This completed my set of two Letter B ATCs – the other was the beach ATC I showed you a couple days ago. These will be headed to Mumbai, India tomorrow. To find a new home.

If you have read this far please do me a favor. I have noticed that my reader numbers have been down for the past week or two. I am wondering if I am getting to be irrelevant. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think I’m doing right OR what you think I am doing wrong OR what you think I need to be doing. Any suggestions at all are appreciated. Thanks <3

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32 thoughts on “Butterfly ATCs

    • thank you, Deborah, this is what I needed to know. that what I do helps someone. have a great day <3

  1. I love the content, Alice. I learn something new and occasionally buy a new product.
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Love your posts! I have been MIA from catching up on life from Inktober. Did not realize how behind I had gotten!

    • it is no problem. you are always so good to let me know you were here and I appreciate that. I understand life happens. thank you for being a faithful reader and friend <3

  3. I read your posts every day. I also look forward to seeing them in my in bin. I have learned a lot from you, continue to do so and have bought many things! Plus I love your pictures from Maine, don’t envy your weather however. Thanks Alice.

    • hahaha! this weather isn’t for everyone. I do still love it so much here. just kind of amazed all the time – and I get to share that amazement with you 🙂 thank you for the words about my website – those will help keep me focused. I appreciate you being here so much

  4. Nothing I would seek to change. Some days the techniques are more appropriate to what I actually do with my art, but at all times your posts keep me reading to the end.

    I can’t believe I didn’t ‘find’ you properly till this year – and now you are a daily fixture and a big inspiration in my life!

    • oh, I am so glad! thank you! those are the words I need to hear to keep me focused. it is hard – I know you know this – when you can’t tell if people are reading because they aren’t commenting. you are so faithful to comment and I appreciate it. and I know you know – I am unable to comment on your blog and I do not know why. I’ll keep trying

      • I’m pleased that me and others have reassured you. You have nothing to doubt.

        I know you follow my blog and try to comment and that is very comforting and encouraging. I’ve turned off Word Verification, don’t know if that will help.

  5. I love your blog, Alice! I don’t always comment but I DO read every one (and smile). 🙂 As Roseanne said, I learn from you and sometimes I buy a product to which you’ve offered us a link! You’re a very generous blogger. 🙂 Your photos are fabulous and you take the time to explain your processes so clearly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    This Butterfly ATC is so pretty!! My colors. 🙂 I never would have considered trading ATCs but I’m certainly warming up to the idea because of YOU! I’m first & foremost a Zentangle teacher & artist – always working on new ideas for classes, hosting my Zentangle Club twice a month, keeping my little store stocked with appropriate items for my students, creating art to give and to sell. But to “branch out” is very enticing! And if I do, it’ll be because of YOU! <3

    • and that would be the highest compliment I could ever receive. that you branched out because I was able to inspire. thank you – this is what I needed to hear.

  6. You really make magic with your stamps – that 3D butterfly sticker is cool! And you know I enjoy reading your posts every day. I’ll warn you from experience that readership and comments will go down now through the end of the year. People are so busy going crazy for the holidays.

  7. Like several of the other responders (better known as your fans) I too look forward to your posts everyday. I faithfully follow you more than any other artist and you are always inspiring. I don’t always keep up with Facebook posts but I love when I see a new post from you and usually open it as my reward for dealing with all the rest of my emails. Please keep them coming! You are teaching me a lot and providing me with valuable resources.

  8. Dear Alice, Your ATC cards are just wonderful, I am glad you do them to share Joy of making. I noticed that i found two of your recent blogs in my junk box, I have moved them to the inbox and hope that they stay that way.

    • hopefully they will go to your inbox. you can add me to your contacts and that should assure you get them each day. I think 🙂

  9. Love seeing these posts. I think the atc card is beautiful as is. Thanks for the notice about inking the edges first. Will keep me from making error there.

    • you are welcome, unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. hahaha! that’s how it usually goes with me <3

  10. I’ve followed you for years, I don’t often comment but I’m out here! It’s nice to see the other things that you make other than zentangles.
    It’s your blog anyway not anyone else’s so you do what you want with it! Do not change to please the masses.
    There that’s my two pennies worth!
    Dawn xx

    • thank you, dawn, I appreciate you so much! and I do recognize you 🙂 thank you for still being here

  11. I think yours is the only blog I now comment on – & I always read whatever you post. I had to stop stamping & general artwork when we moved to a smaller house & life changed rather but am keen to keep up with the tangling world as much as possible. Plus I like to keep up with you even if I can’t always do it via email – I can know that you’re OK & add a note on your blog posts. Your generosity with details & photos of techniques is outstanding. Plus your posts are varied & not just tangle related. Love the way that white butterfly contrasts with the black ‘butterfly’ word & stamping. That inking is a perfect colour & really brought the ATC alive.

    • thank you, Evy, I count you as one of my dearest friends – even though we don’t talk as often as we’d like. know that you are loved always <3

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