A Week in Maine


Oh my word! It is cold! Hahaha! In just a week our weather has gone from fall to serious winter. This is our third winter living in Maine and we still love it – just so you know. And we are still amazed and surprised by many things we encounter. Particularly the weather.

Remember green grass and tractors and such harvesting? Remember rolls of hay being rounded up to feed the animals throughout the long winter? Remember beautiful skies of blue and sunshine? This photo was taken 5 days ago. For real. And the very next day it was this:

Yes. We woke up to snow the next morning. Not much but enough. Most of these photos are going to be either shot through the kitchen window or the upstairs deck window. And a few will be outdoors. But we are talking serious digits here, folks. It was a -1 when we got up this morning.

Front yard. Mark kept insisting the snow wouldn’t stay. That it would melt. I was like . . . nope, it is here to stay. And stay it has so far.

And out the upstairs third floor deck. Notice the icicles that were just starting to hang from the roofline. This snow was followed by an ice storm which started the buildup of icicles.

We have metal roofs which are great for allowing the snow to slide off. But ice just hangs in there until a big push comes along. What you see here is a solid layer of ice that has slid down the roof and is stubbornly hanging on. And a whole lot of tiny icicles dripping down from there.

Absolutely crazy!

Hahaha! Even Belle wanted socks on her feet. Please excuse the state of her dirty socks. Hahahaha!

You can see my big dragons standing out in the snow. Last year before the season was over Maleficent and Mushu were shoulder deep in snow.

Just down the road from our house – we rode up to the diner. We were the only customers. Come on, people, even the Florida folks aren’t afraid to drive in this. That road is clear because we have great snow plow drivers where we live.

Each winter I expect this barn to fall down from the weight of the snow. We will see how it does this winter.

This is a whole new set of icicles on the front porch because I knocked those others down with a shovel. And all of these came back before nightfall.

Later that day we got into the car to venture out for free cake day 🙂 and this was on the floor board of the car. It is the ice from the bottom of my boot. It had been in the car since morning and still had not melted.

Let’s see. I shot this through the living room window. This ice was hanging from the bottom of the second level deck roof. Kind of lacy and cool.

My dragons from the other side. Usually there are a few more dragons out here but the babies are inside the basement safe for the winter.

Upstairs again, those icicles and a solid sheet of ice was just hanging there. I did not go outside anywhere near this. Shot this photo through the glass doors. Some of those icicles were longer than the railing. And some of them were curling up and pointing towards the roof line. Weird.

The streams are already starting to get ice on them. We have already seen one pond that was completely frozen over. It is amazing to me how fast things progress once they get started.

Long icicles! And I didn’t realize Mark was trying to show me how wide they get as well.

Mark actually got to hunt a little last night. Saw a couple birds and a little red squirrel. He enjoyed it and came home freezing. Hahaha! This is actually in our back yard. The bear cave is to the left a little ways.

What was he hoping to see? This guy. He came by earlier in the day and would have walked right past Mark’s hunting blind. Can’t shoot moose up here unless you have a permit and Mark has never been successful in getting one. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have enjoyed watching such a magnificent beast walking through our yard. Again.

Last picture for this post. This morning we had loads of icicles on the front porch. Look how far that ice pad extended from the roofline. And look how wide some of those icicles are! This extended the entire width of the front porch. Probably 20 feet? I’m not good with that stuff. Let me go ask Mark. 24 – 30 feet long. And solid icicles like this. We stood on the porch – to the right in this photo – and Mark used a long handle shovel and whacked the daylights out of these things and knocked all the ice off of the entire length of the porch. Made a lot of noise and a huge mess out in the yard. And the only thing better would have been if I had thought to video it. May never see this again but if I do – I will video it and show you! Stay warm! Stay safe!

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22 thoughts on “A Week in Maine

  1. Yikes ice storms are the worst! We’re in the 20 degrees in NE Penna with about an inch of snow, possibilities of ice/sleet tomorrow – no fun with you have a dr. appt – ugh. We use heat tapes on our shingled roof to avoid ice dams but your ice storm did it all – hope it melts for you soon!
    I just want to put moisture resistant blankets on your dragons – beautiful creatures!

    • we have metal roofs and usually they snow just slides off. all the ice we got in such a short period – didn’t clear like it should have but it is all off the roofs now. my dragons will be ok – the fellow who made them told me to just leave them alone in the winter. that a little rust would age them beautifully. hahaha! and he gave me cans of touch up paint

  2. It seems like y’all just got over winter and snow and stuff. Thank you for sharing your beautiful countryside. I love the photos of the same location taken at different times of the year, too. The frozen boot ice is fantastic!

    • haha! I was surprised the boot ice was still there – I really thought it would have melted. and yes, seems like we just got over this eek!

  3. Crazy the way the ice hangs or should I say suspends off the roof. Really neat to look at. Thanks for posting this article!!

    • I am always amazed when I see something like this. I’ve seen the ice do this on other homes but this is the first at our place. kind of scary, too. all gone now, though.

  4. Please stay safe – got a bit worried about Mark holding those icicles, hope he was never under them for they’d do serious damage. Had to smile over Belle wanting Mark’s sock. Take care all of you.

    • no, we never get under them – they really can be dangerous. he snapped these off while standing safely on the porch 🙂

  5. I’ll bet the farmers sweat getting the crop in before the snow and ice start. I hope it stays at this level for a while before the constant snowstorms start.

    • that first day of snow we actually saw one farmer out in the field with his big tractor trying to do something – we couldn’t tell what and the ice storm was already getting started. I guess he waited too long. and there are so many rolls of hay just sitting out in the fields that never got collected

  6. Wow, Alice – incredible!!! I love seeing all your winter photos! And that MOOSE – whoa … Although we usually have long, snowy winters in the Sierras (near Lake Tahoe), ours hasn’t begun yet. Today is a brilliantly sunny day with a high in the 60s!

    I always love the onset of winter. To me it means sweats all day, cozy fires, homemade chili and LOTS of time for ART!!

    I have photos of my husband quite similar to that of Mark holding the icicles … Rolf creates “ice art” by planting them upside down in our snowbanks so they look like stalagmites! Visitors often do a double-take. 🙂

    Your blog posts are not only informative and fun to read but they’ve given me a chance to “get to know you” over time. 🙂 Do you attend zenAgains or Tangle U’s? I’ll be attending TU in Scottsdale next year and MAYBE zenAgain again too. 😀 I would love to meet you someday!

    • thank you for all the sweet comments, Jan. I don’t do many extra art events. Tangle U is way out of my price range. although I’d love to meet you one day, too 🙂

  7. I too like living in an area that has all 4 seasons, it suits the year so well. Thank you for sharing your wonderful winter wonderland with us. I remember preparing for winter in Montana, and although I enjoyed it then, this Washington weather suits me now.

  8. Still beautiful! I
    Glad Mark got rid of that weird ice formation, must have weighed a ton.
    Take care and stay warm

  9. Wow. Wonderful post. But really… it seemed like you only just told us that the snow had thawed. When I see your winters I feel there is little to complain about the far tamer ones we get. Yours are harsh but very beautiful too. That frozen boot print would make a great tangle or tangle string…

    • it would, wouldn’t it? I need to work on that idea with the boot. someone else suggested called it ‘bootcicle’ <3

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