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Short and direct to the point post today. I want to show you these Zig pens called Wink of Stella Brush Pens. I have had these for 4 or 5 years and I love them. I forget I have them – until I am cleaning and reorganizing – again. And then I find them and use them and they haven’t dried up or run out of beautiful yet!

Borrowed this photo from Google because I couldn’t get one to turn out. It is from Marker Pop. These pens look like your basic water brush and they work the same way. Come already filled with glittery beautiful ink, you just squeeze on the sides until the color drops down into the brush bristles and color. I have used these in the past to add color to large tangled pieces of art, but recently I used them for something totally different. I hadn’t thought to use them this way before.

Recently I showed you this sweet little mermaid I made. The underwater paper you see here is the same piece of paper you will see in this post.

I began with some ATCs I cut from papers colored with alcohol inks and three Wink of Stella Brush Pens. Black, white and clear.

I placed the ATCs one at a time on my craft mat and got to work. For this pink card I used the black Wink of Stella and primed the brush by squeezing the color down. Holding it about 3 -4 inches above the tile, I tapped the brush against a finger on my other hand (you could use a pencil or a paintbrush). The tapping causes little splatters of color to drop onto the paper. It worked so well I went on to the other two pieces.

The white worked very well also!

I used the clear Wink of Stella on this teal card that I turned into a mermaid ocean. Lovely little bits of glitter in each tiny speck!

Then I sat them aside to dry and dream about what they might become. Hahahaha!

And just now I used the white to add some more sparkle to the pink and black. Doesn’t it look awesome? This will be used at some point to make an ATC for one swap or another. Want to see the other two pieces once dry?

Super easy to add some highlights this way! Actually I might tangle this one with a white gelly roll!

Interested in trying some Wink of Stella Brush Pens for yourself? They have a really great price on Amazon for this set of three I used. Here is a link! See you tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Wink of Stella Highlights

  1. Love those random droplets! I first heard about Wink of Stella quite a few years ago, but before I was tangling, so I had no ‘justifiable’ reason to buy any! But perhaps now I do. One for the wishlist I think! 😉

    • I like the regular wink of Stella fine tip markers, too. they have just a bullet point and they sparkle really nicely

      • Actually I’ve got one of those – but in a rather hideous (for me) shade of green. I’m not sure quite when or why I bought it… perhaps it was a freebie!

        • probably was. hideous is not your color. or mine except when I make mud or use red. hahahahahahah!

          • I like green – but not this green – it’s too Kermitty!

            The more I use colour, the more I’m learning about mud – one minute things look great and then …. yikes – what’s happening, help!

            And red, oh yes, a very tough colour to use with grace – I’ve had some awful outings with it. Massacre in the artroom! But I worked pleasingly with Brusho Terracotta this week which felt like a triumph!

          • I love my brushos! not sure I’ve tried that one. I’ll have to look for it.

  2. A really super idea – the results look brilliant & make me think of galaxies. The deep blue one & the pinky purple one at least, & yes the teal one is more ocean-like.

    • I will be doing this more often, and now I know where the wink of Stella brush pens are – that helps! hahaha!

  3. I have some of these pens! Never thought to use them this way! Thanks for sharing……not off to play!

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