Similar But Different


The song lyrics one of these things is not like the others keeps running through my head. Hahahaha! But I only have two things to show you – so that’s not enough things! So instead we will talk about similar but different!

Let’s start with the tangle cee-a-mosa. I named the pattern this because those little pods reminded me of the seed pods of the beautiful mimosa trees in Florida. We had two huge mimosas – when they bloom they have lovely pink fluffy blossoms all over the tree. And literally hundreds of seed pods that look like this pattern. And they drop all over the yard. We were always walking them into the house on our shoes but the blossoms were pretty enough that they made up for it. Hahaha! This pattern begins with those double lines and then the pods. The crossover pieces of cee-a-mosa cross between pods. And you can use as many as you wish. Mostly it depends on the space you have. Sometimes I just fill up an entire tile with this one pattern alone.

Here we have TootsieMoon. Mainly named this because it reminded me of tootsie rolls and it echos like crescent moon. Instead of pods like you find in cee-a-mosa, you have moon shapes in this tangle. It builds differently than crescent moon in the way the moons layer and stack. And then the auras begin. Just like cee-a-mosa, you can make as many lines as you wish. And these can cross anywhere by just going under the existing lines hollibaugh fashion. In this post you can even see how to do this pattern in reverse. It is kind of fun! So . . . similar to cee-a-mosa but totally different! Even the auras look different!

I had the opportunity to work on a couple 4.5″ tiles this week. I opted to use cee-a-mosa on the first one. The very first thing I drew was my chop, then I added from there. I don’t do long lines very well so this is good practice for me.

Also on a 4.5″ tile, I worked on some TootsieMoon. And yes, I did do it a little different than the step out. I opted not to use all the auras. But I did just realize the reason I like to use TootsieMoon so much is that there aren’t any straight lines in this pattern. Not even the initial line has to be straight. Hahahaha! I can do curvy lines all day long! And again – I started with my chop. I pretty much always do. It’s just my initials. An A and an H combined.

Cee-a-mosa and TootsieMoon. Similar but different. Feel free to pin the step outs to your Pinterest board. If you’d like to see more of my patterns, just click here. And if you want to see ALL my patterns, they are in my new book Tangle All Around the World. The patterns from the previous two planners I did are all in Tangle All Around the World. I wanted a place where all my patterns were in one spot. At least until I make more. Hahahaha! The book has a total of 453 patterns from 50 tangle artists from . . . all around the world! I hope you will play with these two tangles. I’d love to see what you do with them!

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8 thoughts on “Similar But Different

    • thanks, sandra, when I first made the big post explaining TootsieMoon step by step I had several people that had never drawn anything since they were kids take the post and re-create the tangle themselves. some of those people are still tangling today – years later

  1. Useful post Alice. Noticing the subtle but significant differences between tangles is useful. And thanks for reminding me how much I love Cee-a-Mosa! I haven’t used it in a long time, I will now, maybe even this week!

    • awesome! I like cee-a-mosa in it’s simplicity and even more when I get crazy with it and change it up

  2. Great fun seeing these two compared – I always think of these kinds of tangles as your signature for they have that bold & curvy characteristic that I associate with your kind of tangles.

    • thank you, I’m finding I’m drawn to this type of tangle. grids and boxes are not my thing even thought I’ve designed a few of those

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