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Leda Art Supply has some excellent sketchbooks. I love using mine for art journaling, collage work and tangling. As an ambassador for Leda, Creative Director Gary Gillespie sent me a couple sketchbooks to get me started. And I’ve since purchased 5 or 6 others for personal use and for giveaways. Today I want to show you some samples of the work I’ve done in my Ledas.

Leda’s mission: to help artists make the world a more beautiful place. What an excellent mission statement! That is actually something each of us should be striving to do every day. Gary and his wife Teresa founded the private label art company to meet the needs of artists seeking the ideal artist travel journal. I don’t sketch on the go but I could with these sketchbooks. And many people do. The sketchbooks come in four sizes. I have three of them. Let’s begin with the Leda Small Pocket Sketchbook. I think this used to be called the Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook. That is what I still call it. Habits die hard. This is the one I have used the most.

I love my small sketchbook! Collage pages like these come together quickly when you are working on pages that are 3.5″ x 5.5″. I used so many products! I was trying to encourage the members of my Facebook group to tangle for 15 minutes a day. This was kind of a tongue-in-cheek spread I made in reference to that. Fun! I did not gesso these pages, but I did put an acrylic layer under the collage pieces. You can see a step by step by clicking here.

Simple string and ink project. Worked super! I could have gessoed these pages first but I did not. I just jumped in with both feet and pulled that string!

And I’ve added pages. This spread was made on watercolor paper that I cut in half and adhered to the Leda pages with scor tape. I have done so many different things with this small Leda. Fun fact: my husband actually made the watercolor background and I added the tangles. His first ever watercolor.

These pages began with some scrapes of acrylic paints, then some tangled up articulated molygon. I used Copic multiliners, gelly roll pens and graphite for tangling, highlights and shading.

The size is perfect for projects like The 100 Day Project or Inktober.

And it takes watercolor washes well. Light washes of color work even without an under layer.

For these pages I did add an under layer of gesso. Probably two just to be sure. The color is Schmincke watercolors. I had no problem at all creating lots of layers. The paper held up great! This is one of my favorite spreads in my Ledas.

The medium Leda is their most popular sketchbook. Pages are 8.5″ x 5.7″ each. That gives you plenty of room when you are working on a spread. The description says this sketchbook is for pencil, ink, pen, pastel and charcoal drawing. Hahaha! Here are the first pages I did in my medium and I used so much more product! Gesso, paint, ink, paint pens, markers. Leda handles them like a pro. You can see a full step by step by clicking here.

This began with some heavy body acrylics and ended with a layer of black gesso. And I used a white sharpie water based paint pen for the scribble writing. These books are great!

Scripture journaling is something I like to do as well. I built this page as part of an Easter challenge Leda held. You can see how I put this page together by clicking here.

Way easy spread to put together. I used mildliners and technical pens from Zebra Pen. Nothing fancy, just a lot of fun!

This spread was so much fun to put together! A combination of collage and art journaling. I just posted a full run through a couple days ago. Click here to read.

My absolute favorite Leda project yet! I skipped the large sketchbook and purchased the Zeus XL. The pages in this book are 8.5″ x 12″ each. That’s a whole lot of room to make beautiful! I had been saving the magazine photo of the dragon rider lady for a couple years – waiting for the perfect place to use her! Click here for a full walk through.

Same thing for these pages. The Indian princess is part of an Ashton Drake ad and I just loved her! I can do so much with pages this size. It wouldn’t be great for portability but for working here at home this is a great size.

I love the Leda sketchbooks I have. I need to pick up a large and start working in it, too. I have a lot more art I’ve created in these books – I just wanted to give you a taste. The Leda sketchbooks are affordable and you can not beat the quality. Each book has 80 sheets – or 160 work surfaces – and a flexible all weather cover. The stitched thread-binding allows your pages to lay flat when open. I haven’t found anything that I do not like about these books. I love them all!

If you are interested in purchasing a Leda, I’ve done some research for you. The Pocket, Medium and Large sketchbooks are a few dollars less on the Leda website. The XL sketchbook is a few dollars less on Amazon. The multipacks could go either way. You’ll have to look at both locations and price what you want. The Leda website also carries some wonderful drawing tools and kits. No, I don’t make any money for saying that. Hahaha! I just want you to know what all they offer. And it’s all good. Thank you, Gary, for your belief in my art and for entrusting me with your product!

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12 thoughts on “My Leda Sketchbooks

  1. You’ve done such beautiful work in your Leda! I need to get mine out and do something in mine. I don’t work in journals nearly as much anymore because I’m working mostly on postcards, but your work is inspiring.

    • I love your postcards! you could even mount them in a Leda and make your notes below each card <3

  2. It’s the backdrop for your Pocket Leda that caught my eye – all those leaf shapes of different colours. I shall go have a look at sourcing the Ledas in the UK – amazon. I love your seascape with the mountains & remember when you went to do the workshop. Lovely intro to the Ledas which I’d never heard of prior to you starting to use them.

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