Lindy’s Magical Shakers


I’m still playing with my Lindy’s Gang supplies and loving them! I know I need to try other things but these are so beautiful and well . . . magical!

Hahaha! I shot this picture so you could see the names of the colors but they totally aren’t in this photo! Sorry! But I did write the names on the back of my tile. In this post I am using the apprentice tiles from Zentangle® and Lindy’s shakers. Specifically for this piece I used yodeling yellow and Oktoberfest orange.

Tap out a small amount of each color onto the craft mat. It honestly doesn’t take very much powder at all because they are so highly concentrated. What you see is enlarged on the computer screen – this bit of powder covers probably less than a one inch square on my mat.

Then spritz on some water. Check out that color! So vibrant and pretty! And I am not a huge fan of orange but I love it here. With the yellow it blends into an almost gold color.

This is with more water sprayed on. You need an area just smaller than your tile and I was working with a 4.5″ square, a bit larger than I normally go with.

Place your tile face down into the color and lift.

Gorgeous, right? I wish you could see all the shimmer! You can see little bits here and there but this whole tile is shimmering! Then just move this off to the side to dry.

When I did that I still had this much color on my mat. And I didn’t want to waste it. So I took another tile and put it face down into the color and smooshed it all around to get good coverage. Let me show you these two once they dried.

The first one – think shimmery creamsicle!

And the residual ink tile. More pink from the blending of the two colors. Still playing with these Lindy’s. You will be seeing more in the days to come. But for now – have great day! It’s time to tangle!

Lindy’s Shakers

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6 thoughts on “Lindy’s Magical Shakers

  1. Oh my – these are absolutely stunning! Made me think of tangling with brown or sepia microns, even red maybe with white accents. Black, brown, sepia & white plus graphite & white chalk, then there’s the red & pink aspect with black & white to play with too….. so little time.

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