Leaves of Fall


In many places around the world fall is here. Autumn – a time of change. A time of reflection. And in my part of the world the leaves are changing colors. To celebrate fall and the hope it inspires I asked my Facebook group to tangle up a bunch of beautiful leaves. So, from Tangle All Around to you . . . happy Fall!

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Aga Forra.

Artwork by Aggie Hasselfield.

Artwork by Ana Maria Migone.

Artwork by Antara Bhattacharya.

Artwork by Barbara Ann Downs.

Artwork by Brenda DeBock.

Artwork by Claudia Pbn V.

Artwork by Danielle DeRome.

Artwork by Dawn George.

Artwork by Deb Bowmore.

Artwork by Della Lamm.

Artwork by Delores Wade.

Artwork by Gayle Van Wagenen.

Artwork by Jc Leonard.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Lee Charbonneau.

Artwork by Lisa Jane.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Phillis Rosenthal.

Artwork by Priscilla DeConti.

Artwork by Rubi Ghosh.

Artwork by Srimathi Prakash.

Artwork by Susan Palma.

Artwork by Susan Weber Haninger.

Artwork by TC Carpenter.

Artwork by Tracy Wolf Hadar.

Artwork by Verena Bossert.

Artwork by Елена Соколова.

Artwork by Φίλίνά Λϊνν Σάντάνδερ.

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Rubi Ghosh.

Artwork by Jc Leonard.

Artwork by Tamara Meissel.

Artwork by Randi Jameson.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Pat Mathes.

Artwork by Pam Yates.

Artwork by Maria Emma.

Artwork by Sherrie Lee.

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19 thoughts on “Leaves of Fall

  1. Wonderful artwork! And so good to see all of them together. Well done, everybody!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that you’ve inspired so many people to offer their art for our viewing pleasure?! That’s a delightful array of tangled leaves. Thank you for sharing it with your blog subscribers! And thanks to all the artists who participated. ?

    • they each did a wonderful job. I am running out of ideas – hahaha! oh, wait! I have one more idea!

  3. Wonderful art work, thanks for sharing and thanks to all of the artists, including you.

  4. So many different ways. Really enjoying the way you put these posts together – thank you for all the time you put into keeping the group going & with all your prompts.

    • thank you, Evy, and if you ever have any ideas of prompts I can use I am always ready to hear them 🙂

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