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Yes, those are snow flakes but don’t be alarmed. It has not begun snowing. Yet. We do expect the snows to begin within the next week or two but we are praying it holds off as long as possible. I know once it starts it will be here until April, at least. While I watch out the window periodically checking the weather – I am also working on Inktober!

You may be wondering what Inktober is. This post from my Facebook group will explain it a little. And I am playing with placement of photos – so this post may look a little different from earlier posts. A young man named Jake began Inktober in 2009 to help people begin a habit of drawing each day. The thought is each day in October, pull out a pen and draw something. In the years since then Inktober has grown into a worldwide art phenomenon. And tanglers world-wide are getting involved. I put together the list above for my group Tangle All Around. Those numbers 1 through 31 are for the days in October. The first word behind the number is the tangle pattern we are using that day. The second part is the official prompt Jake has given for his Inktober list. My hope was that my members might be able to combine the two prompts into their drawing.

Here is my day one art. The tangle pattern is baubles. Jake’s prompt is ring. I had thought about drawing a ring with a big ol’ bauble sitting on top. But. This is what came out of my Technical Pens from Zebra Pen that day. I should also add that each day I will be using those technical pens on a Tile from Hahnemühle. The background color in this piece is Spectrum Noir Ink Pads used as a watercolor. You can read about it in this post.

Day two’s pattern was line dance. Jake’s prompt was mindless. I thought a mindless line dance was the perfect matchup! That background wall is my pattern blox. A fun one! Color was Lindy’s Magicals. This particular piece can be seen here.

Day three – Jake’s prompt was bait. I searched for a tangle that could be bait-related and came up with wormhole spiral. It makes the perfect bait. Hahahahaha! I have seen so many wonderful pieces of art tangled up for this day! The background color involved a water squirt gun and some food coloring dye. Seriously! You can read about it here. I mixed this with my signature printemps. Can you find my chop? It is pretty obvious in this piece.

For day four I went back to the Lindy’s Magicals because this tile was perfect for the prompts. Jake’s prompt was freeze. I chose the tangle pattern Snow Flower to go with it. And tangled up a frozen piece of art! Those extra rounds are tangled bits of dandelions that look like crystallized ice particles. You can see the post about the color here.

Day five. I have no idea what Jake’s prompt was. Hahahahaha! Let me look! I did this tile close to midnight and forgot all about poor Jake. Sorry, Jake! The prompt was build. Sheeewwww! So maybe I am close! The tangle is pezino from Eni Oken – that would be those base pieces that I topped with ringz! Those pieces are totally built, right? Hahahaha! The background color came from Distress Ink Pads used like watercolor. The full post is here. I really enjoy making watercolor from media that isn’t considered watercolor per se. Hahahaha!

Well those are the first five days completed. I am also posting on Instagram where I am alice_hendon. Hahstagging and tagging people. Yep! I’m all about the social thing! Hahahaha! I am a work in progress! Let me show you something cool from Zebra Pen!

If you join us for Inktober – just jump in on whatever day it is when you do – and if you post on Instagram – use the hashtags shown in this photo. Zebra is giving away some great prize packages. One person each week will win a package valued at $250.00! And I know it is legit because I won a package two years ago.

Do you need a place to learn about tangling? Or to meet some nice tangle buddies? Or want to get started with a tangly Inktober? Come on over to FB and knock on my door at Tangle All Around. You will need to answer 3 simple questions that lets me know you are a person and not a machine. No robocallers allowed!!! And I will open the door and let you in! And you can make some amazing friends. It’s fun! Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

8 thoughts on “Inktober Has Begun

  1. I love what you’ve been doing for Inktober! Your prompts are fantastic – if I hadn’t already committed to the official and Doodlewash prompts, I’d be using them!

    • thanks, sandra, I’m having the hardest time getting people to understand. so I appreciate the nice comment 🙂

  2. I love the word association with the prompts & what I’m seeing people doing with them. Your Snow Flower is my favourite – the colours are so apt as is the imagery.

    • I thought those colors were perfect. I knew it as soon as I saw the tile. I have about 30 or so of them ready. I just shuffle through them each day

  3. Great to see how you’re getting on. I’ve made it to Day 6, which is twice as far as I got last year! I’m working from another tangle list – but love how you’re combining your list with the official prompts. Always good to feel we’re engage in a common pursuit!

    • I tell you – getting people to understand what we are doing has been the hardest part. hopefully it is worth it. hahahaha! I am just over here doing my thing!

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