Inktober Finals, 2019


Welcome to the last day of Inktober, 2019! Yayayayay!!!!! I made it all the way through. Yes, it is a challenge to push myself each day to do some tangling just for me. Accomplishment feels really nice! And I am equally as happy that it is over for a year. Now to just keep drawing a little something each day because that is the real driving force of Inktober – to develop a habit of drawing.

All month long I used a Tile from Hahnemühle each day with technical pens from Zebra Pen for the drawing. On this particular day – #28 – I used my TWSBI fountain pen to tangle up a bunch of loosey goosey florals that I mixed with viola. The color is Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders. Highlights are Lindy’s Shakers that I mixed up to use as watercolors.

For day 29 I again used the Pixie Powders for the background. A subtle application of the Firework Burst color. Patterns are nebula and printemps. Because you know I include printemps on almost everything I tangle.

Day 30 was a fun one! I used loop screen – my own pattern – and some of those ever present printemps. Color is Lindys’ Magicals. They may just be my favorite right now!

For the last day of the month, the 31st, I brought out an as yet unpublished tangle I’ve been working on called Kodi. A very forgiving tangle and fun to draw. Background color is Lindy’s Shakers. And that’s a wrap for 2019! I drew each day and most days I used the correct prompts. For these last four I just said forget it and tangled what I felt like. And it felt good. I am going to try to figure out how to put all these pieces into one collage. Might be hard with an uneven number but I’ll play with it and see what happens. If it works – I will show you for sure!

Need a place to learn more about tangling? Or to hang out with like-minded nice people that just enjoy tangling and talking? Or listening and enjoying? Head on over to Facebook group Tangle All Around, answer the three questions that let me know you are a real breathing person and I will let you in. Easy peasy!

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6 thoughts on “Inktober Finals, 2019

  1. That Nebula tile just catches my eye. I like that there are heart shapes in Kodi – just because. Plus the tangle makes me think of bounding through the fields of flowers in Maine.

    • yes, it’s named after Kodi. I think I drew it the first time that night. still makes me sad – snows are coming and that was his favorite time.

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