Inktober, Days 14 – 20


Inktober seems to be flying past this year. Different than the past two. And once again I am keeping up and will finish strong. At least that is the plan. Hahaha!

For color, I am really loving these Lindy’s Magicals – it is a powder that activates with wet media. The ones I use have a bit of shimmer which really doesn’t photograph well, but look at all those random specks of color. Love it! Day 14’s prompts were peek-a-boo daisy and overgrown. Not too overgrown, just enough.

Day 15 – another tile colored with Lindy’s Magicals ­čÖé . The tangle prompt for the day was XOX and try and try as hard as I could – I could not make XOX work. So I changed mid-stream and went with printemps and crescent moon. The inktober prompt was ‘legend’ – I figure XOX may be a legend in someone’s mind, but not in mine. Hahahaha! It really is a lovely pattern when someone else does it!

Can you guess the color media I used for day 16? Yep, Lindy’s Magicals. Hahahahaha! The prompts were ribbon rose and wild. So I tangled up a garden of wild ribbon rose! This tangle just makes sense to me. Many people were having trouble with it. If you are such a person, know there is no wrong way to draw ribbon rose. Just start swirling your line around and around and fill some areas in with dark color. I made a YouTube video to show how I draw this pattern. You can find it here.

Days 17 and 18 fell together in one tile. Patterns were chimidle and box spirals. The inktober prompts were ornament and misfit. I guess these fit those descriptions, too. Hahahaha! The color is not Lindy’s Magicals. It is food dye and water – the tile was colored as part of the water squirt gun I Dare You! from awhile back. So much fun!

For day 19, the color is Spectrum Noir ink pads used like watercolors. Singapore sling was the tangle for the day and sling was the inktober prompt. The pattern name took care of both prompts. Easy peasy. And I mixed it with some printemps and diva dance rock ‘n roll.

And day 20. Yes, I am a day ahead of the game. Just in case. Hahahaha! Color once again is Lindy’s Magicals. They really are that much fun to make! For the pattern I once again stepped away from my list and went with articulated molygon. Such a beautiful, fun tangle! Inktober is 2/3 of the way completed. Hard to believe. But I am ready to go back to my own tangle time and making unstructured art again. Art that doesn’t need to follow guidelines or rules. I am so not a guidelines and rules kind of person. Even better – I am the one who made the prompt list we are following for patterns! Hahahaha!

Each day of Inktober is being completed on a Tile from Hahnem├╝hle with technical pens from Zebra Pen. I mentioned a few days ago that Hahnem├╝hle has discontinued their tangle tiles. I am discussing possibilities with another company to provide affordable tiles for us to use. I will let you know what I find out.

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6 thoughts on “Inktober, Days 14 – 20

  1. It is fun to join in these prompt things once in a while, but every time I do, I remember why I don’t like to do it more often, lol! I love what you’ve been doing with inktober – you have such talent with tangles!

    • thank you, sandra, I love what you are doing! you have such great ideas! I do like how our group combined the tangles with the inktober prompts this time. don’t know that I’ll do that next year. too many people don’t understand what we are going for.

  2. Had a lovely revisit to your You Tube ribbon rose video & was once again struck by how Diva Dance & Ribbon Rose look.
    Am rather partial to this set of tiles – hmm, it’s odd about challenges isn’t it? Good thing we’re all different people.

    • it is a good thing. haha! at least no one can say I picked my favorite tangles for inktober. hahahaha!

  3. Beautiful tiles! The back grounds are so nice with the tangles! Keep us posted about the tile dilemma. I had just about bought some, so I don’t want to get too attached if they are going away ­čÖü

    • yes, I don’t know of any stores that still have tiles. if you hear of some, let me know so I can buy them all. <3

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