Inktober, Days 10 – 13


It’s hard to believe but Inktober is almost half way complete. Glass half full? Glass half empty? Hahahahaha! It’s amazing how many people are staying caught up. Including me! Let me show you the last few days!

My least favorite tile of the month so far. Hahahahahaha! There has to be one or two that I won’t care for. I picked the patterns we are using in Tangle All Around and I chose ones of various levels of ease. This one comes down to – I am not such a fan of grid patterns. I am using Tiles from Hahnemühle and technical pens from Zebra Pen each day this month. The color in the background here is Lindy’s Magicals. I was trying a couple of the colors I wouldn’t normally use. Can’t waste this product and you never know what I might end up liking. Like that black alcohol ink I tried a while back. And hey! Bonus! You can actually see the sparkle in this photo – that’s almost impossible to capture! The tangle for the day was windmill and the official Inktober prompt was pattern. Day 10 – √

Prompts for day 11 were Victorian Flake for the pattern and snow for the Inktober list. As I chose the tangles to use this month I tried to match them up with the Inktober prompts to make it easier for my members. Background color here is Spectrum Noir ink pads used as a watercolor. You can see how right here.

For day 12 I chose Sandra Strait’s pattern called Dragon Fly. Love her whimsical patterns! The Inktober prompt was dragon. You know how I love dragons! So this is what I drew!

I had some extra time – that never happens! – while Mark watched football so I pulled out a tile and tangled up some fun! This tile was colored in the water squirt gun challenge from a couple months ago. Tangles? Ringz and Amigo Two!

And that brings us up to day 13. At least it isn’t a Friday! The tangle of the day was Iffy. That would be the center section. I added diva dance rock ‘n roll along the outer borders. The Inktober prompt was ash. I opted to ignore it for this day. Hahahahaha! Looking forward to the next week’s worth of tangling! And I’m working on a new project for Zebra Pen! Can’t wait to share it with you!

I need to share with you that Hahnemühle has discontinued the Tiles. They are no longer available anywhere that I am aware of. This makes me really sad because I use these tiles almost daily. I may need to start cutting my own. I think I will use one of the other Hahnemühle papers <3 I will update you when I decide what to do. For now I still have a couple tins of the YouTangles that I will use first.

Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

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6 thoughts on “Inktober, Days 10 – 13

  1. What a pity about the You Tangle tiles being discontinued, sounds a good idea cutting your own though. Chuckled over the ‘spare time’ tile, wondered if the expression of those little characters reflects your ideas about football?? Anyhow reckon that the Iffy tile did reflect ‘ash’ as that centre section looks a bit like planks of wood. Just a few thoughts……….

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