Inktober Collage Time

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Inktober, 2019. It was a challenge to draw each day. But I did it. And I actually drew two pieces of art each day. One tile with the daily prompts, and I also tangled on the piece you see in the center. The tiles I used are from Hahnemühle and they are 3.5″ square. The large centerpiece is 10.5″ square and it has all 31 patterns on it somewhere. I used TurboCollage – as you can tell from the description above – and it made me this nice collage. Easy to do. Hard to get it totally in focus but I am happy with it. I made one of these for The 100 Day Project and actually got a print of it from Shutterfly. I may need to do that with this collage as well. My favorite parts are the dragon fly, the little ghosty, the TARDIS and any of those little wiggly dudes – Amigo Two and ringz and tunnel vizion. Cool beans! I am ready to go back to regular low-key tangling and color making each day. What about you? What are you going to do now that Inktober is a done deal?

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10 thoughts on “Inktober Collage Time

  1. Awesome collage! I have started with more gouache experimenting and trying to learn and practicing on patterns and sketching/drawing.
    Thanks again for your help and encouragement! Hugs

    • it doesn’t look like much throughout the month but put together like this makes it feel like more of an accomplishment

  2. This is love Alice, it would look great printed and framed and hanging on your wall.

  3. That was a super idea to do the daily pattern on the large piece as well as making a smaller complete tile each day. I think my favourites of that central piece are the “shrimps” & your TARDIS. Ahem….aka as Raphael, Kuba & King’s Crown.

    • hahahaha! I had to think for a minute about the shrimp. but yes, that Raphael makes a perfect shrimp! hahaha!

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