Die Cuts and Marabu Art Crayons


Marabu Art Crayons. Marabu has a lot of art supplies on the market but these art crayons may just be one of the most fun! A wax based, highly pigmented, water soluble pastel – they come in a wide range of 25 different colors.

I got mine from a couple places. I used to subscribe to Art Snacks and I got the raspberry and turquoise ones in subscription boxes. The rest of my art crayons came from Joggles. Of course. Hahaha! They operate like lipsticks in that when you need to refresh the color, you just twist and more color extends out from inside the tube.

Well, I came across my bag of crayons today – while I was looking for something else – and had a fun time playing! Hahaha! This cute little girl is part of a set that also came from Joggles. From Dylan Reaveley and Dylusions, they are die cuts for journaling. Each set comes with 24 pieces, I selected this one to get started.

There are several ways to use these crayons. In this post I am going to show you two. #1: You can paint directly from the crayon itself. It’s as easy as using a water brush – or a wet paint brush – to pick color up from the end of the crayon.

Then paint the color onto the image. I don’t worry so much about staying in the lines. I don’t mind if my colors get slopped over the edges. Hahaha! Less stressful that way! I will end up using this on a collage journal page at some point and there will probably be more ink or paint sprayed or stamped or flicked across this anyway.

You can even use a darker color to add some depth or shading. Please don’t ask me why I shaded the undersides of the wings instead of the tops. Sheesh.

From there I just went on to color other areas. I used to have pink streaks in my hair so I am partial to that color. Hahaha! I used to have teal, purple and blue at various times as well. Just streaks, not a whole headful. And I loved them all! And one time I had both pink and teal. I looked like an Easter egg!

Another way to use these art crayons (#2) is to color directly on your image. Not easy if you want to be precise because those color tips are every bit as big as they look. You can throw precision out the window. Just put your color down then . . .

. . . use the water brush to turn that crayon into watercolor.

I was surprised by the little sparkles in the gold crayon. And like I said don’t get too hung up on perfection. Imperfect is the new perfect. Hahahaha! And thank goodness for that!

I am trying to show you something in this photo and the next but not sure you will be able to see. When you put on whatever color you are using – if there are streaks and lines don’t worry about it. Just get the color on.

When you ‘color’ it with your water brush you can smooth away those lines.

Doing away with the streaks and lumps and bumps.

These crayons do not reactivate once dry. If I want to I can now go over that white background with a watercolor wash OR I can leave her just like this OR I can fussy cut this little one to slap on an art journal page. And that totally might happen tomorrow! Cause it’s dinner time now! Let me leave you with a couple links. If you are new to my site, any place you see pink letters that is a link. Click on them and you will find fun stuff. Easy to remember : pink = link.

Marabu Art Crayons
Dylusions Die Cuts
Water brush

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8 thoughts on “Die Cuts and Marabu Art Crayons

  1. I know why you shaded the underside of the wings – ‘cos the light shines on the tops! Or am I looking at things upside down?? Did you find what you were really looking for? Hope you did, I often forget what it was by the time I’ve done with what I found that sidetracked me!!

    • no, I never found what I was looking for and I wonder if maybe I gave those pencils to my son. but I found these so the search was worth it 🙂

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