In May, 2012, I was sitting in a hotel room in Maryland tangling. I was so new at it, just getting my feet wet. As I sat drawing a scripture page in my journal this pattern just came about. My very first one. Eventually I named it crete.

Fairly easy to put together, crete works so well when shaded. And even though I started with crete seven years ago I still bring it out from time to time for a little visit.

This was the first piece I drew with crete. Those flowers grew up to be sunz Hahaha! I enjoy Bible tangling and need to do more of it. It’s a great way to memorize scripture and meditate on the words.

A little harder to find but crete is here as well. Reminds me of the scripture Psalm 1:3. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. KJV In this example I passed on shading but added dimension by adding color inside the tangle itself.

This is probably my favorite piece using crete. It was here that I realized the effect shading makes on our art. This was THE piece that sold me on shading even though I didn’t really understand how to shade across the board. But I knew it was something I needed to be doing.

A challenge in one group was mono tangling. Here I investigated several different ways to draw crete. And still I didn’t really ‘get’ shading but knew I needed to do something.

And slowly it started coming together the more I tangled. And the more I studied other artists’ work, other tanglers’ art. And crete continued to be more comfortable in my hand and the shading easier.

Even in color – which I use more and more often – shading with simple graphite is still the way I prefer to go. Crete has so many faces, it fits in with so many other patterns.

Does crete have to be perfect to look good? Not at all. Do you need a ruler and pencil to put down those starting lines? Not at all. Free-hand is the way to go. Do not be afraid to go with your gut when you place those lines. Crete can handle it. Have fun! I would love it if you sent me some tangled art using crete. I’d love to see what you do with it!

You can see more of my tangles by clicking here.

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14 thoughts on “Crete

  1. Lovely post & thank you so much for writing about your shading journey, so helpful. I still ponder over shading & haven’t settled. I see so many different styles of shading too. Love that Psalm 1:3 image & isn’t it great to have a record of your tangling journey?

    • it is for sure. all those early days were in wire bound books so they are all still together

  2. Great post Alice, that charts your progress as a tangler, designer and shader. Good for people earlier in the journey to see it’s a process we all go through. And I agree, graphite shading is still my favourite – although some people think it’s less welcome on colour pieces I think it works just fine!

  3. I love your cretetations and the walk down your memory lane. It’s so fascinating to see how other artists get started and the work they produce. Yours has been outstandingly good from the beginning!

    • thank you, sandra, those first ones were from before I went through the CZT training. when all I knew was Pinterest. I think those were some of my more fun days ๐Ÿ™‚

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