Changing Leaves in Maine


It is that time of year. At least here in Maine it is that time of year. The leaves are changing colors and falling in the breeze. And the wind is always blowing here, soon the yard will be covered in leaves. And before we know it the yard will be covered in snow. But that is material for a future post. Hahahaha!

I want to start with two photos I took with my cell phone, through the car window while Mark was driving. I love this old barn. Each winter I expect it to fall down under the weight of the snow but so far it hasn’t. Most times there are two horses – one brown, one white – that live in this field. They must have been just out of range this morning. I worry about them if that barn should fall.

This was in Houlton this morning. Sometime I want to take all four seasons’ worth of photos and frame them to go on a wall somewhere. This bridge is seriously beautiful in winter when the river is frozen solid and there is snow everywhere. That is a walkway under the bridge. They close it down in the winter.

This is our house. When we first looked at the house when we were house shopping, I knew as soon as we turned into the driveway and saw the house that this was THE house. I could hear Mark’s financial wheels turning, figuring out how we could make it work because it was more than we had planned on spending. But God is good and He worked it all out. This is the perfect house for us. I wanted you so see what it looked like when there isn’t 10 feet of snow in front of it. Hahaha! Not even kidding!

And now I just want to show you some beautiful leaf shots from our front yard.

And a baby dragon. This is Lily. She is the baby of Maleficent, my big purple dragon. Once Upon a Time fans here! That rock got relocated from another place and brought to my dragon hollow because it is pretty much perfect! I can even sit on top of it and draw. It won’t be long till I need to grab up the baby dragons and the gazing balls and move them into the basement for winter. They don’t do snow very well.

My Facebook group is tangling leaves so I thought I would show you mine. Tomorrow’s post will feature leaves from them, but for today you are stuck with me 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Changing Leaves in Maine

  1. Love your Maine photos so beautiful ❣️Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us?.
    Nice leaves too!

  2. Beautiful scenery and beautiful tangled leaves! Hopefully, the snow will stay away a bit longer. I know you love it, but probably not as much as you got the last two years.

  3. Love your tangled leaves – I think leaves are my favourites to tangle. The house looks wonderful without snow & your photographs of the changing leaves wonderful. Those are big & interesting looking rocks.

    • I have a couple more similar rocks that we need to position a bit better once Mark is cleared with his hip. sound like snow might be here soon, so yesterday I went ahead and move the baby dragons and all the gazing balls and stands into the basement. I think I’m ready. except it will last forever. eek!

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