An Opus to Inktober



  1. a separate composition or set of compositions by a particular composer

Hahahaha! So not music, but here we go. At the beginning of the month a friend asked how I was going to approach Inktober. That’s the program where you ‘ink’ something each day during the month of October. I had already prepped 31 Tiles from Hahnemühle for the month long project, but Leslie asked if I had thought about making an opus tile. The Opus comes from Zentangle HQ and is a 10.5″ square. So I thought about it. I had some opus tiles here and I hadn’t drawn on one in a long time. I pulled one out of the cabinet and used my new colors of Distress Oxides to color it. Gotta have color, don’t you know. And each day this month – after I drew my tile with the day’s prompts on it – I grabbed the Opus and added the pattern to it. And some days I changed up the tangle pattern to make it a bit easier on the opus. But . . . 31 days and here it is complete. I had forgotten how much fun it is to work on something larger. And that section of Kuba on the left hand side totally reminds me of Doctor Who’s TARDIS. And yes, I finished this a little early.


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16 thoughts on “An Opus to Inktober

  1. Oh great planning ahead to create this Opus for Inktober! So this year I made it to the 11th, last year was the 5th, so next year I will do better! Love this idea for an overall creation, compliments on your persistence and energy to see this through completion!

    Great work/fun Alice!

  2. That’s quite a scene – definitely a Tardis there & I can see you had a lot of fun with it.

    • I did and I am so happy you know the TARDIS – does that mean anything other than Doctor Who?

      • Yep – Doctor Who was part of my childhood, introduced to me by the children next door.

        • Kali brought Doctor Who to my attention. I need to start at the beginning and work my way through the whole series

  3. So cool! I love seeing them all together! Reminds me of an underwater adventure!

  4. I too, see Doctor Who’s TARDIS. Awesome ! ! ! I love the spacing of the tangles on this Opus.

    • thank you so much, Jackie! I was so afraid I was going to mess up the TARDIS. hahahaha! my daughter would be proud of me

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