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Maine is beautiful! Is it the time of year? No, not really. Maine is beautiful all year long! We live in an isolated area with few people and love it! Of course our friends here probably wouldn’t think we are isolated but they didn’t come from Florida where mostly everywhere is crowded with too many people and too many cars. Here our little town has a population of 643. Here we have the opportunity every single day to enjoy what God created and appreciate what He has blessed us with. New hip included!

Blessing number one is having family close by. Not all our family, but our son Jason, his wife Bobbie and the Frankles decided to move here also – after visiting here just one night. The next morning they had questions about cost of living and what would it take to get them here. It wasn’t long afterwards till they were headed this way. Probably the biggest challenge was finding jobs that would support them. Not a lot of full-time employment in this area and none with the pay they were used to in Florida. But they are making enough. And the Frankles is in an area where they don’t have to worry about her getting hurt going to and from school. They don’t have to worry about home break-ins and armed robberies. They don’t have to worry about muggings. You know, the things that could happen when they lived in the Orlando area. People here in this part of Maine have no idea what I’m talking about. About the things Jason heard and saw as a police 9-1-1 dispatcher in Orlando, or that Bobbie saw as an officer on the street, or that Mark and I saw and had to deal with when we were law enforcement in Gainesville, Florida. Google the Gainesville Student Murders sometimes and you will understand. Just another reason to love Maine. Now, if we could get Kali and Nicole to move up here we would be great! Sorry, that got a little wordy!

Blessing number two is sights like this every single day! Blessed. And we love it! I am just going to show you some crazy stuff, that ok?

Check out this mushroom. Can you see the black goo dripping off it? This starts as a solid white, tall mushroom that reminds me a lot of a roll of tightly wound white twine. Over a few days, it fans out, then the sides drop down and finally this goo drips off, then the whole thing kind of disintegrates into the ground and disappears. Weird.

At nighttime we get literally 30 – 40 of these on the front porch because there is a light there. We get moths of all shapes and sizes and colors and some of them stick around the next morning for photo shoots. Hahahahaha!

Isn’t he pretty?

It is harvest time. Time to bring in all the potatoes. And let me tell you if you love potatoes – this is the place to be! Potato famers plant hundreds and hundreds of acres of potatoes – and that is probably not even a big enough number. (Nope, Google says 63,000 acres of potatoes are planted in Aroostook County each year. Wow!) And now it is time to harvest before the temperatures drop lower. Everywhere we see equipment that I don’t names of. Trucks that go down the rows and literally scoop the potatoes out of the ground. Trucks that shoot them into the big trucks like the blue one in this photo that takes the potatoes to wherever they take them to. We aren’t real clear on that yet. Hey, we’ve only lived here three years. Hahahaha!

This is what a semi truck of potatoes looks like. And we pass a number of these trucks every day right now. I wonder how many potatoes a truck like that holds? Ok, fun fact. I just googled and 1.65 billion pounds of potatoes are harvested each year in Maine. Wow!!! That’s a whole of lot of French fries and curly fries!

Yesterday we got stuck behind this guy. He is pulling the piece of equipment that scoops the potatoes out of the ground. I think. Thankfully it pulled off the road before long.

And they work until evening when the light leaves. Bringing in the potatoes. If you look at the top of this truck you can see the potatoes mounded up that high. And a really cool thing I love about this area – after the potatoes are harvested, the farmers let the people go in with buckets or boxes or bags and pick up all the leftover potatoes. The ones that were too small or just plain didn’t get scooped up. A lot of people keep their families fed during the long cold winter with potatoes that were free. Mainers help Mainers. We didn’t have that in Florida. You may get help from your church family but not from anyone else. This is pretty cool.

And one more blessing. We have sights like this literally everywhere. So much beautiful to be had here! Can you understand just a little why we love it here?

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18 thoughts on “A Little More Maine

  1. Love your goo shroom! I do love potatoes but have pretty much given up on them because they’re all so starchy here that it’s almost impossible to cook them properly. I may have to visit Maine someday just to try out the potatoes!

  2. I love your posts on Maine, the joy and love shines in all of them!
    Thank you for sharing.

    • hahahaha! and the snow last forever! last year was bad. hopefully we will have less snow this year. I can do the cold as long as I can get out and play in it 🙂

  3. Wow – wonderful post. There are similar contrasts in the UK between city and rural living, but not quite as extreme as yours between Florida and Maine! You made a great choice to relocate, even though that last winter lasted for a long time!

    And pink moths and black dripping mushrooms – nature is often far weirder and more wonderful than than wildest fiction!

    • haha! that is so true! we have seen some crazy, wonderful things while living here. maybe one day I will get to visit your country. I have a friend living in Exeter – St. Thomas who I would love to meet in person. the three of us could get together and tangle 🙂

      • I just love your moth photos – a white underwing this time I think; it’s no good for I just have to hunt until I think I’ve identified it. We’re pretty urban here but there’s a huge farming community right on the doorstep & smallholders plus farmers amongst the church community.

        • And yes it would be great fun to get together with Jem & tangle the 3 of us………..

        • I know you will look them up and I appreciate it 🙂 I love where we live. probably very similar to some of the communities you have

  4. I would like to visit Maine. I enjoy open spaces like National Parks etc. so maybe one of these years I will make it up there. And potatoes…I grew up having potatoes at every meal. I still make them a couple of times a week. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Maine :))

  5. Cool! That shroom was neat!
    I love potatoes! My father grew up in Maine and they used to plant potatoes. Not as big of a field, family farm. Soil was perfect. It is nice they let you go in and pick the field. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

    • you’re welcome, we are so full of questions all the time up here. it is all new to us

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