The Inner Critic


The Inner Critic. We all have one. I do, you do.

It’s that nagging little voice that tells you:

  • you will never lose that weight,
  • you will never get that job,
  • no one will ever want you,
  • you are not good enough,
  • your art stinks.

You know – that voice. I originally made this post back in 2015 as part of a FB group I was in at the time. We were journaling about various things and this particular post was about the Inner Critic. It is true. Everyone has one. Even when you are not making art – you still have that little monster inside. In regards to my art – the Inner Critic tells me that I can not draw, that I can not paint, that I am not creative enough, that I will never sell any artwork, that no one would ever want my art, anyway, that I have no talent, that my books will suck, thus – no one would ever want my no-talent-can’t-draw-to-save-my-life-non-creative-artwork. And even though I wrote this 4 years ago – it is still true. I still have doubts. And I think if we are all being honest – we all have these doubts.

And truthfully, I hear that Inner Critic 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time I try to remember that my art is beautiful – even if I am the only person who thinks so. Truth. So I made a spread to remind myself of that. It remains one of my favorite art journal pieces I’ve made – so it can just remind me.

So, take that, Inner Critic! Who do you think you are, anyway? You certainly are not welcome here anymore! Hahahaha! Onward and upward I go from here. And I remind myself of this from time to time, because that little monster tries to sneak back in.

What about you? I would challenge you to go on the offensive against your Inner Critic. Do something about it today. Because your art is wonderful! You are perfect just the way you are! What you do is enough! Don’t let anyone tell you different, don’t let anyone steal your joy. Kick that Inner Critic to the curb and move forward!

Normally I would tell you exactly how I made these pages. What I can tell you 4 years later is I worked in a Strathmore Mixed Media journal. I used some gelli prints I had on hand, stamps, Copic markers, Posca paint pens, microns, Pitt artist pens, a Sharpie fine point and some washi tape.

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14 thoughts on “The Inner Critic

    • let’s rephrase that and make it say ‘I can!’ because you totally can 🙂 you got this

    • phillis, it hits home for all of us. no one is immune. just kick those little nasty guys to the curb and create <3

  1. Ha ha! That’s wonderful and a great thing to do Alice. I think if my inner critics looked as cute as your monster guys, I’d make them into squishy toys and how the heck could squishy toys tell me bad things about me and my art? Maybe put silly squeakers in them as well so giving them a big squash would just make me laugh.

  2. Beautifully said and done! That inner critic can dangerous, but you told it! Live how bright, cheerful, artful it is! Never listen to your inner critic Alice you are awesome!

  3. Thank you for setting these beautiful examples for us on life’s journey; pushing away the ‘negative waves’ seeing/finding joy in our creations!

  4. The Inner Critic family is a pretty large one – members inhabit all parts of the world it seems & they burrow their snouts into anything that mortal beings do. Right – into battle, who says I can’t get the mail part of Microsoft 10 to function?? Never mind I’ve managed to install so many APPS that I’ve notifications arriving left, right & centre!!

    • hahaha! good luck with that! I can’t help you – not my area of expertise – but I know you got this! <3

  5. Your journal pages rock! Take that inner critic! I suppose if we had none at all, we’d never try to do better because we’d assume everything we did was spectacular. But I sure wish mine wasn’t the obnoxious little voice that it is.

    • hahaha! exactly! whiny and obnoxious – mine, too! but you already knew that because you and Jennifer are the ones I go moaning to

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