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Thirty-one days. Tangle All Around the World published 31 days ago and it is available worldwide on Amazon. When a new book is released, Amazon makes it eligible for the hot new release list for 31 days. I am so excited to announce for the 31 day span – Tangle All Around the World was #1 all but two days. It was #2 on those two days.

It is so exciting for our book to be finishing up the time period at the number one position! And that is only possible because of YOU. Each YOU who purchased a copy – thank you from the bottom of my heart! YOU made my dream come true and YOU made the dream of all 50 tangle artists represented in this book come true. YOU did that.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I hope you will. 453 tangle patterns with complete step outs and many have art to go with them. Fifty artists from all around the world participated to make this happen.

Some pages look like this . . .

. . . some pages look more like this. There are patterns for all levels of tanglers from beginners to advanced. Tangle All Around the World is available here.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to making art. It’s been a rough couple days here. Mark is doing super with his new hip. Walking every day at Walmart. Haha! That is what they assigned him for therapy. Walking on flat surfaces. We need to start leaving our wallets in the car on these ‘therapy’ trips. Yesterday, our older dog Kodi left us. And that’s hard. We had Kodi for 15 years, all we have are super memories with him. He loved the snow so much – I am going to miss him this winter. Today we took Belle to the vet and I swear she could smell Kodi there from yesterday. She kept trying to get into the room they put Kodi to sleep in. I had to go sit in the car and cry for awhile. Broke my heart. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. All we have planned for tomorrow is a trip to the dump. Yay. And Walmart. You know – for therapy.

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34 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Oh Alice, I’m so sorry to hear about Kodi. I hope he is in heaven running around and chasing all the pretty girl dogs.

    I’m so excited that all the work you put into the book is paying off. Being #1 for so long is amazing!

    Love you!

    • thank you for always being there for me, Christine, like a sister you are. are you ready to move on to the next book?

  2. Glad Mark is doing well. Sorry to hear about Kodi. We just lost our Chubbs, a 13 year old bulldog. And we, too, are heartbroken. Congrats on the book. Well done!

    • I’m sorry, Beth, it is hard to lose a pet. I am not even a dog person but I loved Kodi. good memories – I know you have yours with Chubbs. hugs, dear friend!

  3. I am both happy & sad for you, Alice. ❤ I too have experienced losing a sweet, old dog … there’s no way to escape the pain if you loved him. He was lucky to be yours & you were lucky to have him in your family. My sympathy for the empty spot he has left you.
    At the same time, I am so happy for your success with Tangle All Around the World! What a great feeling it must be to have all your hard work appreciated and enjoyed by so many tanglers!! Congratulations. ???

    • thanks, jan, it has been a rough couple days but we will survive. our little beagle Belle brings us much joy and thank you for supporting our book. it really is “our” book

    • Congrats ???. And, so sorry about your fur baby. I know how long and hard you worked on the book. As one of the 50, appreciate all you did, all you do and all you share. Kudos❣️

      • thank you, sherri, I appreciate you for allowing me to use your hard work in our book . and thank you – losing Kodi was hard. still is. but we have great memories to hold on to

  4. So very sorry to hear of your loss of Kodi. Our animals always leave us too soon. And it always hurts SO much. May time and happy memories bring a smile back to your heart when you think of him. ??

  5. Sending gentle hugs on the loss of your beloved fur baby. Walmart therapy sounds like fun though. Remember to take care of you too. Love my book.

    • thank you, Jodi, I am glad you are enjoying the book. we are heading to Walmart in a few minutes. I wonder if they are open this early in the morning. hahaha!

  6. Oh Alice,
    I’m so sorry about Kodi. It is so sad to lose a pet. ☹️
    On a lighter side, not only are you an artist, you are a terrific writer. You always seem to add a chuckle somewhere. ?
    I’m glad Mark is recovering nicely.
    Have a wonderful day and keep your wallet at home!

  7. And P.S.
    I got sidetracked…..
    CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful book!
    I just ❤️ It!

  8. Oh Alice, I’m so sorry to hear about Kodi – such a loss. I find an incredibly pure sense of heartbreak at losing a dear creature that we’ve shared our life with, but how wonderful that we got that chance, all those memories. Hold tight to Mark and to Belle and to your precious self, and your wonderful achievements, not least that book!

    • thank you , Jem, Belle is lost. she knows Kodi is no longer here. She is staying very close to Mark. and thanks again for letting me use your patterns. sorry about that one L

  9. So sad for you Alice our fur babies are so special to us. Take care of yourself and grieve and cry but treasure your beloved memories.

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss, Alice, but it is wonderful that Mark and your book are doing well. A bittersweet time. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get a review done on your book, but I am giving away a copy with today’s giveaway.

    • there is not hurry on the review. you have had your hands full, too. I just appreciate you letting me use your patterns – again 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear about your pup! It is hard. Also hard on the other pets. Sending Hugs and scratches! Have fun at Walmart! I would have to leave my purse in the car too! LOL

  12. Congratulations on your success with your book, just awesome and such a great way to bring Tangles to the world. Sorry to hear about your dog, they are such a big part of our lives and leave such a big whole when they are gone. Give lots of hugs to your other girl, it helps.

    • I am for sure, Belle is missing Kodi, too. And thanks for the words about the book. it was a work of love and I am thrilled so many people are using it.

  13. Im sorry about Kodi..Prayers for you and Mark. Glad to hear he is on the mend..and yes leave wallet home when going to Walmart…LOL have a blessed day…and congratulations on book..I love mine!!

    • thanks, Priscilla, and thanks for the prayers. we went to Walmart this morning and didn’t buy anything. it was kind of strange! hahaha!

  14. Oh Alice, I am so sorry to hear about Kodi, it is so very hard when our fur babies pass over the ? bridge. My heart aches for you and Mark and Belle.

    Love and hugs

  15. Sorry to hear about Kodi – take care of yourselves whilst you get back on an even keel. Good to hear Mark is doing so well & very well done with that book for I know you put so much work into it. I know Walmart is therapy – but leaving the wallet behind might be a good idea, else you may end up needing ‘therapy’ for the therapy.

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