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For the past few days I have been playing with Marabu Alcohol Inks and occasionally mixing them with Piñata Alcohol Inks. Today I want to show you a few more pieces I made while exploring this new product.

For colors I went with arctic and caramel. Brown is another color I typically steer away from. I equate it with mud which I also try to stay away from. Hahaha! I took my yupo paper and squeezed on a line of alcohol, then added some of the blue and brown. You can see here how the caramel immediately started spreading and working its way into the arctic.

I used my air tool and started gently puffing air into the mix, pushing the colors around. Little puffy clouds of beautiful! (And I can totally see a shark head here with lots of teeth!)

I was careful not to overwork the color and alcohol and I really, really love how this turned out once dry! You can see how the brown continued to thread its way through the color and it really added to the overall effect! I’d call this a win!

Here is amethyst and carribean. Two beautiful colors together! Remember I start each tile with a line of isopropyl alcohol squiggled across my Yupo paper, then I add a few drops of a couple colors.

Then I use my Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer Tool to pump air gently onto the tile and into the color. This pushes the color where I want it to go. Rotating the tile allows me to have even more control. And I was loving how this tile was shaping up. The amethyst brings qualities of pink which you see when the color starts to break down and blend.

As the piece dries, the colors continue to blend and mix and break down into the other color properties. I love this one! So gauzy and beautiful!

Up to this point I had used a minimum of two colors. I thought I would try the apple green alone with the alcohol and see if I could still obtain some pretty cells of color OR if it would be all one blob of green when I was done. Cause you never know.

I used a minimal amount of alcohol and 3 or 4 drops of apple, then started working my air tool. I was just trying to make cells like you see in those sections on the right hand side that look like bubbles of color.

The apple lightened as it dried and I was left with some variation in shades, some cells, and a lot of whispy softness that I really liked. A little tame for me as far as color goes, but definitely worth a one time try.

I grabbed magenta and carribean and used a lot of each color along with the alcohol. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like this when it was done but I wanted to see what would happen with plenty of color. I used a normal amount of alcohol and started pushing the color around.

I got good coverage. Hahaha! I should with all that wet! And I also started getting some variations in the color combination. Sweet!

I really worked the air and pushed color off the tile, around the tile and into each other. A good bit went off the tile actually. Hahaha! Then as it was drying I also used the air tool to make all those little bits of streaks you see going in so many different directions. I liked the colors but wondered what would happen if I used a whole lot less color. Like only one or two drops each of magenta and carribean.

I used two drops of each color on this piece and worked the air tool. I love that band of color where the two meet but I thought I could use even less color. So I did.

Same amount of alcohol but just two total drops of color. For some reason this reminds me of a manatee. Hahahaha! I think that blue section – think upside down and swimming towards the bottom. The tail is the upper blue portion and the head is at the bottom where the blue meets the pink. Love it! Hahahahahaha!

Next I went with magenta and lemon – because most things look good with pink 🙂 . One drop of lemon, barely any alcohol and two drops of magenta.

And I added a little metallic gold. I love the gold! I shook it up better this time so I got more gold bits than the first time I used it. And started pushing the air back and forth and around and turned the tile.

I even added a little more magenta.

Don’t you love the gold distributed around that lower section?

I always like showing you my drying rack. Huge piece of cardboard on top of a trash can. Works great! And Aurora never tries to knock it off. She tried to jump into the trash can once and it scared her enough she has never tried again. Win/win! And no kitties were harmed in the making of these artworks.

Here are a few you haven’t seen. This one is just amethyst and alcohol. Love how the color breaks up into other colors.

Hey, look! I used red! Garnet red! I feel like Grumpy Cat . . . I used red. I hate it! Hahahahaha!

And I found a couple more using black. This one was either amethyst or purple with black.

And this was Piñata teal with Marabu black.

That is everything I made using the Marabu Alcohol Inks and a few Piñata Alcohol Inks. Super fun and really easy! Next up? Tangling on a few of them!

Marabu Alcohol Ink
Piñata Alcohol Ink
Yupo Paper
Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer Tool

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8 thoughts on “More Marabu Alcohol Ink

  1. I love how these always turn out so pretty and love looking for the patterns that always show up! Yeah I know I am crazy! ??.

    Hugs, P

    • well, the ones that turn out ugly go into the trashcan. hahahaha! if I can’t fix them. and actually – I pulled a piece out of the trash recently to save for a post showing that not everything I try works.

    • never heard of this brand but Marabu offers most of what these inks do. other than the extra tips – I like those a lot!

  2. Interestingly the only one that separates into different colours successfully by itself is that Amethyst. Wonder what might happen if yellow were added to that green……. Looks like you had an interesting time & just as well Aurora doesn’t like the trash (we call it rubbish) can (we call that bin). Isn’t it funny about US & UK English??

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