Lindy’s Magicals, Day One


Originally known as Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Lindy’s has a series of two-toned color products that are fun and innovative! I have their Shimmer Sprays, Flat Fabio Sprays, Moon Shadow Mist Sprays and even their Glitz Sprays. I also have their Shakers and their Magicals. The Magicals are what I want to show you over the next couple days.

I started with a set of ten colors and made a color chart. The chart is important because these powders don’t necessarily look the same when you add water. Most notably – the Drop Dead Gorgeous Green is yellow as a powder. Not at all like the beautiful green it becomes when water is added. Super highly pigmented, it only takes a minuscule amount of this powder to make beautiful, shimmery color. All of the Lindy’s color sets are made to work with each other – whether it is a spray bottle, a shaker, or a powder. The sets I worked with here are the Autumn Leaves and the Drop Dead Diva sets. What you don’t see in this photo – or probably any of these photos – is the lovely shimmer and glimmer you get with these powders.

Inktober is almost upon us and I am still prepping tiles. And you know I love color – so color it is! Here are the supplies I pulled out to work with. Those tiles are Tiles from Hahnemühle. I am going to be using these each day in October. Originally I was going to do something different but I changed my mind 🙂 cause that’s what I do! Hahahaha!

I won’t show you the jars for each tile but I am for this first one. These tiny little pots are a little over an inch in diameter and are one inch tall. A whole lot of punch in a tiny little container. You use very little powder to make color. These pots should last a long time! These are the colors I went with first. I always like magenta and teal together.

Working over my craft mat, I sprayed a tile with water. Not enough water as it turned out.

Then I took the tip end of a fan brush and just touched it to the powder. Not into the powder, but literally just touched it. This allowed me to pick up color which I tapped over the tile.

Some fell onto the tile and I noticed the air circulation in the room blew powder across my mat as well. I just held that brush over the tile and tapped it with a finger from my other hand. And the pretty powder drifted down onto the wet tile. And this was when I saw I had not used enough water. Every paper is different and these YouTangle tiles tend to absorb the water.

I sprayed a bit more water onto the tile, then touched the fan brush to the magenta and tapped it over my tile. This time there was enough water and pretty things happened.

I added more water and more powder so I could get good coverage. Actually you can see some sparkle in this photo. Look at the magenta area on the left and the teal at the top. Awesome!

I let the tile sit with all that water on it and the color sort of absorbed into the tile. Then I moved it to my drying area and left it alone. Once it was dry I found that both sides of the tile were colored. That color soaked right through due to the amount of water I used. I don’t want that happen each time so I figured I needed to work on that.

Yes, this is the same tile. The color softened a lot! Next time I may go heavier with the color while it is wet knowing it will soften as it dries. And just look at the back . . .

How cool is that? I can tangle both sides. I don’t typically do that because I store completed tiles in page protectors in a binder and put two back to back to save space. This one will get its own un-shared space.

You have seen me work with Brusho color crystals before. These are similar – although I like the brushos better – so I tried a technique I use with those. Cover the tile with water either by spraying or using a mop brush, then sprinkle color into the water. A little harder to do considering the highly pigmented nature of the powder. I took a small amount between my finger tips and sprinkled the powder into the water and let it run. I got good results doing this. Just no photos in action because my hands were a mess.

I probably could have used a bit more water on this one. I do like the colors together, though.

This tile worked better because I used more water and a bit more powder. Those flecks of color pigments you see are ones I added after the water and color blended together but while the tile was still wet. In tomorrow’s post I will show you a couple other ways to use these powders. I wanted to show you more today but my computer and the internet are not playing well together today. One thing it is doing that is a real pain is changing the order my letters are in. I can stand here and watch the letters in a word just rearrange themselves without even touching the keyboard. Weird and annoying. Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Lindy’s Magicals

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18 thoughts on “Lindy’s Magicals, Day One

  1. The tiles look great.
    Sorry about the gremlins interfering with your words, ornery little critters they are!

  2. Those look like really great products. I am wondering if the difference between wet and dry color is because the tile itself still has bleach in it? I would try it on watercolor paper and see if that is still true. When i was taking art courses, I didn’t understand how different papers are made and did a few paintings that bleached out the color continually. until it was a just a shadow of what I had painted. I have heard you say the brand of your tiles. but I am not familiar with it.

    • yes, I thought I should try these on others papers as well. and I will. right now I’m trying to get ready for Inktober. 2 days left 🙂

  3. Love this technique! I don’t have the Magicals…but I do need to drag out my Brushos and play!
    By the way, your computer sounds a bit possessed! I’m sure there is an incantation somewhere in the Harry Potter books to fix that! ?

    • hahahaha! I’ll have to do some research! Luna used the episky spell to fix Harry’s broken nose – how different could it be? hahahahahaha!

  4. I just bought some of these this week and only played with one tile – but the colors are glittery and gorgeous! Mine turned out pretty dark and tangling was hard to see, next time less color! Thanks to you for some hints.

  5. Those last tiles look gorgeous so I can see your second technique worked much better. Don’t like the sound of your moving letters at all – very strange. Will have to miss Inktober this year as mired in Microsoft, even got the MAC malware infected – clean now with Apple support’s help….. oh technology!

    • I know, right? I wish I was more technically smart than I am. I used to have a brother-in-law I could ask questions of but sadly he is gone now. so google is my new best friend. hahaha! good luck with your computer studies!

  6. What a well timed post this is. I heard about Magicals about a week ago – really liked the sound of them, bought a set that arrived a couple of days ago (I went for the most muted set I could find obviously ;)) and made a quick test tile on Saturday, mostly to check that my pens were happy with the mica shine (which they were!). Looking forward to playing with them more – they seem very versatile especially with how subtle or intense they can be. Also I’ve noticed they are very permanent when dry, which is great as it looks like I can add more wet over them without the original colour shifting! Useful.

    Anyway – will look forward to seeing where you take them and they take you!

    • they really are such beautiful colors! I need to work on some different papers after I have enough tiles for Inktober. I’m posting at least the next 3 days with other techniques. have fun 🙂 I’d love to see what you do!

  7. You do magic with these paint powders! WordPress is doing some magic too these days, but they are using their powers for evil, not good. Where are the superheroes when you need them?

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