Harvest Time


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos of Maine. Most of the photos I show are shot through the car window while Mark drives. Since his surgery, I have been doing all the driving and I can’t shoot pictures while I do that. Yesterday Mark decided he wanted to try driving and now he is back to it fulltime. The main reason he hadn’t up to this point was it was too hard to get in on the driver’s side of the car but the hip is working pretty good now. So today I was able to take a few photographs. Really dreary and dark but that is how it is today.

Winter will be here soon and the farmers are all working hard to bring in the crops. Everywhere we turn there are workers and equipment harvesting the fields – bringing in potatoes by the thousands, squash farmers are active this year, people are rolling roll after roll after roll of hay to feed animals during the next long months to come, and they even roll a layer of hay out over the overturned fields. We assume this is to add nutrients back into the ground but honestly no one we have asked why knows the answer. I guess we haven’t found the right people to ask so far.

This is the potato field next to our property. We have no idea who owns it. They harvested the potatoes over the past couple days and everywhere you look you can find small potatoes just laying there for the taking. A lot of people keep their families fed over the long winter months with the potatoes they pick up after the harvest. The farmers welcome people to come pick up all they want for free. That is one thing I really love about Maine – the people take care of each other. Everyone helps out and we get each other through the winter.

Skies are rough today. It’s been raining the past couple days and looks like it may continue. For now we are dry – otherwise you wouldn’t be getting these photos because the windshield wipers would be going like crazy. Hahahaha! Just for logistics – the potato field is to the right of the road in this picture and our property begins with those trees down the road on the right. My dragons sit right behind the start of those trees.

Leaves are changing all around us and when the sun comes out I will get some better photos. For now – this is what you get.

This is to the side of our driveway. Those are some of my wild raspberry bushes sitting under those orange leaves – all the way across this photo. You can tell it’s gloomy outside – the lights are on in the middle of the day.

We found this guy a couple days ago heading into town to the doctor. It’s been a doctor kind of week but it’s all good. This little fellow is about three feet tall, carved with a chainsaw and detail added with a wood burner. I want to talk to the artist about making a dragon for me. And no, I will not discuss politics with you. I am showing you how well this wood artist caught this fellow. Awesome work! Now for me – I hope to make some art this afternoon. Had a rough morning trying to do a blood draw at the doctor’s office. I came home with an elbow and both hands bandaged up but she did finally get one tube of blood. I already have some serious bruising happening and two places where skin came off with the bandaids. Ouchie. But it’s over with. I think I need ice cream and some color!

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12 thoughts on “Harvest Time

  1. Oh that chainsaw artist is great! Yes, they definitely have the skill to do a wonderful dragon! Enjoy these fall days, great colors above the raspberry bushes. Do they attract many bears to your area?

    • actually we have two bears that have a cave in our backyard. I’ll have to find some new photos and post those for you to see

      • It was enjoyable last fall and winter seasons seeing your pictures. Especially the bears. The HUGH amounts of snow last year too. Hope old man winter is kinder to both of you this coming winter season.

        I know you both enjoy your life in Maine, especially through your photos. Thanks for sharing.

        • thanks, Barbara, we are hoping winter is gentler this year and doesn’t last 9 months. anything less will be a victory. hahahaha!

  2. Beautiful photos. I know that straw or hay is often placed on a lawn after it is seeded, to help keep the seed from blowing away and to keep the ground moist for better sprouting, so maybe that’s why it’s placed on the fields, too.
    Sorry you had so much trouble at the doctors. Are you keeping hydrated? One reason it can be hard to draw blood is dehydration. I used to have to make sure Mom drank enough water a couple of days before a blood draw.

    • yes, we tried the blood work last week and they told me to drink a lot of water before I came in. I did. I’ve always had problems with blood draws. this was probably the worst experience so far. but they finally got the tube they needed and the results are back already and it’s all good

    • ugh. it was rough. much better today. bruising is going to take awhile to go away but we got it done

  3. Love your pix of Maine. Sorry about the blood draw damage. My mom always looked like somebody tortured her after anything that required a bandage, or tape if they didn’t use the more gentle paper tape.

    • I’m going to have to start asking for the gentle tape. I removed the bandages myself and took my time and still hurt myself

  4. Eek – sounds painful so hope the colour and ice cream helped. Love those autumnal colours which look absolutely stunning, even more so in the gloom. Great to hear of Mark’s progress.

    • Mark really is doing great. I see improvement every day. it is amazing what the doctors can do

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