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At Tangle All Around on FB we have been creating dragonflies. The dragonfly represents transformation and change, something we all want to see in our lives. We want to continue growing, changing, developing, becoming the best selves that we can be. Dragonflies symbolize hope for all of us. Today I want to share what the members of Tangle All Around tangled up for you to enjoy!

Artwork by Aggie Hasselfield.

Artwork by Ana Maria Migone. Ana loves cats!

Artwork by Andrea Kine.

Artwork by Andrea Kine. Her critters make me smile 🙂

Artwork by Andrea Kine.

Artwork by Andrea Kine.

Artwork by Antara Bhattacharya.

Artwork by Arja de Lange-Huisman.

Artwork by Astrid Richet.

Artwork by Barbara Ann Downs.

Artwork by Barbara Joan Paolucci. The first one is embroidered on fabric.

Artwork by Brenda DeBock.

Artwork by Chai Chu.

Artwork by Christine Reyes.

Artwork by Claudia PbnV.

Artwork by Colleen VanderLinden.

Artwork by Danielle DeRome.

Artwork by Dawn George.

Artwork by Deb Bowmore.

Artwork trio by Deb Bowmore.

Artwork by Deborah Prier.

Artwork by Delores Wade.

Artwork by Diane Pevar.

Artwork by Donna M. Petry.

Artwork by Jill Plotner Clements.

Artwork by Jules Mack.

Artwork by Karen Rushton. This tiny dragonfly is just two inches wide.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Karin Conklin. Created for newborn Celina.

Artwork by Kris Christen.

Artwork by Lauren Colegate.

Artwork by Lisa Anderson.

Artwork by Lisa Jane.

Artwork by Lois Paulo.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Lynn Shelton Mead. And may I just point out that . . . yay!!! it’s a dragon!!! that is flying <3

Artwork by Margo Hoffman.

Artwork by Maria Vennekens.

Artwork by Maxine Martin Erickson.

Artwork by Michelle Bagley.

Artwork by Nantaporn Aor.

Artwork by Φίλίνά Λϊνν Σάντάνδερ.

Artwork by Φίλίνά Λϊνν Σάντάνδερ.

Artwork by Pam Yates. Scripture from the Holy One, God almighty.

Artwork by Pat Mathes.

Artwork by Pat Mathes.

Artwork by Paula Stark.

Artwork by Phillis Rosenthal.

Artwork by Priscilla DeConti.

Artwork by Priscilla DeConti.

Artwork by Richard Mans.

Artwork by Rochelle Babb. This is the front of a greeting card that will be making its way overseas to our military. They can choose it from many others to send home to their loved ones. This is a project that Rochelle participates in to serve our military men and women.

Artwork by Shelby Lovebug.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Stylecook Craft.

Artwork by Susan Weber Haninger.

Artwork by Vedha Sreeram.

Artwork by Verena Bossert.

Artwork by 律光千尋, Cecil.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Lee Charbonneau.

Artwork by Patricia Tracz.

Artwork by Janet Burditt.

Artwork by Jeanne Cunningham.

I love my group Tangle All Around! There are so many incredible people, incredible artists, from beginners to advanced – there is a place for everyone in Tangle All Around. As you look through these pieces of art you see different skill levels and each one was drawn with love for the art style. You see pieces created on expensive watercolor paper and you see pieces created on sheets of dotted notebook paper. No matter what supplies you have access to – they can be used to create a piece of art. A wonderful piece of art. We have black ink on white paper and we have beautiful colored pens, inks and pencils represented here. Dragonflies would be beautiful even if they were drawn in the sand using a stick. Art is meant to be enjoyed and loved no matter how it was created. Thank you to each of the members that allowed me to share their dragonfly creations here. Now, what should we do next?

Want to learn more about tangling? Need a tangle place to hang out with like-minded people? Come check us out at Tangle All Around. We are friendly and encouraging and we help each other learn and improve our skills.

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14 thoughts on “Dragonflies All Around

  1. WOW! Beautiful dragonflies and one fabulous flying dragon! Love them all ❣️ Talent abounds here!
    Thanks Alice for all you encourage us to do❣️❤️??

  2. Wow they are all beautiful. Great job everyone. I have so much catching up to do and so much to learn. Have a great weekend everyone.

  3. So many GLORIOUS Dragonflies! Imagine a World where all of these are flying around all the time. 😀 Brought a HUGE SMILE to my face this morning….Remembering the Tanglers we have lost in the past few years. I can see them inside of these Beauties. <3

  4. An amazing project with such variety when you see them all in one place, thank you for gathering them all up to display in a shimmering flurry of wings. Glad you’ve got through this week.

    • thanks, evy, I feel like we are finally getting somewhere here now. walking with a cane, the walker is folded up and leaning against the wall. a lot of progress each day.

  5. What a fabulous collection of dragonflys, I really love each and everyone of them. Woot Woot to Alice for collecting them all in one place.

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