Watercolor Dragonfly


Our I Dare You! prompt this week is dragonflies in Tangle All Around. And I just had to play! I made a couple black ink on white tile dragonflies but you know my heart is with color. So I brought out my palette of favorite colors and a couple Zendala tiles and got busy.

This is my ‘do it quickly’ work setup. Hahahaha! I keep a water brush filled and available near at hand at all times. I began by spritzing some water onto my palette and getting a couple colors ready to use. I also sprayed my tile. These zendalas are not ‘made’ for wet media but they do fairly well as long as I don’t go crazy with the water. I picked up color with the water brush and just added it into the wet areas of the tile and let the colors blend and mix.

Hard. Right? Hahahaha! Not at all. The hardest part is being patient while the colors work and do their thing. And sitting it aside to dry.

Once it was dry I grabbed my technical pens from Zebra Pen and added a dragonfly! Yes, I used a pencil to lightly outline some basic shapes. Then I just went for it and added tangles. Flow fleur, crescent moon, printemps, fescu, shattuck. And added light shading with a graphite pencil. And called it done. I did prep one more tile . . .

. . . love that bright opera pink! And I have this one to add tangles to next. Dragonflies! You will be seeing a lot of those in the days to come. I will be sharing all the ones from Tangle All Around in about a week. Can’t wait to share those with you!

Technical Pens, Zebra Pen

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6 thoughts on “Watercolor Dragonfly

  1. So apparently these tiles do not buckle up or do you weight them while they dry?

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors with the dragonfly! Hopefully I can play this weekend since we have an extra day! Have a good weekend!

  3. Interesting fluffy head this dragonfly has – rather fetching. The paler Printemps wings are lovely & effective & I do like that circle of ‘loose’ flowers you added as a sort of frame/background – good foil for the focal dragonfly image.

    • thanks, Evy. he was fun and I think I have several more to do soon 🙂 it is really hard deciding what patterns to use where.

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