Tangle All Around the World – Literally


Such exciting news to share today!!!!! But first I have to show you this:

Isn’t it beautiful??? And might I add – yayayay!!!!! Hahaha! If you have been following these posts you may already know this is a book I have been working on since December. Yes, you read that right. For nine months now but it’s been a real work of love! You already know all about my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Wait! Tangle All Around? and Tangle All Around the World? Could that be a coincidence? Nope! Not even close!

I have the best tangling group on Facebook! Hands down the absolute best! Originally I wanted to put together a book that featured all types of tangle patterns. Then I had the thought to ask one or two of my group members if they had patterns they would like me to include. And that thought mushroomed into a total of fifty members in my group – literally from all over the world – coming together and sending me patterns to include. I got everything from beautifully stepped out professional looking patterns to drawings on scraps of paper with the question – is this a pattern? And we guided each other along through the process until I ended up with 453 patterns designed by fifty members. And Tangle All Around the World was born. If you look at the map above you can see all the countries and states represented. And some of those pins represent more than one person. It was amazing!

Tangle All Around the World is book number six in the Artangleology Series. And it is the first strictly reference book. All you need to go with it is paper and pen.

I started with the basics – what tangling is and how you do it. Cause not everyone knows that already. And sadly while we worked on this book two of our contributors passed away. I began the book with a dedication to them and included their patterns. Imma gonna go cry now. This will give you a better idea of what is included. A little basic information then we jump straight into the fun stuff! Want to see some pages?

Some patterns include information telling where the name came from. Some pages include artwork – even some full page pieces of art! And there are various categories of patterns included.

Lots of room on the pages making it easy to see and understand exactly what to draw and in what order. Keeping the book black and white kept the price of the book down and affordable for everyone. No matter your tangling preferences there is sure to be a bunch of patterns in Tangle All Around the World just for you! Many of the contributors are Certified Zentangle Teachers actively teaching the art where they live. And there is plenty of beautiful artwork included. Are you a beginning tangler? This book is for you. Are you an advanced tangler? This book is also for you. There is plenty to keep tanglers at all levels engaged. And it comes from my tangle family – Tangle All Around. You can find us on Facebook by typing the name in the search box. And you can find our book on any Amazon around the world simply by typing the group name – Tangle All Around – directly into the Amazon search box. Pretty epic!

Big thank you to everyone who has already ordered a copy! I appreciate you so much!

Tangle All Around the World can be bought here

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16 thoughts on “Tangle All Around the World – Literally

  1. I am so excited for you and the whole world of us tanglers. Thank you ♥

  2. Have been waiting and waiting for the new book Now I am waiting for the post to arrive so I can play Hope the sales go through the roof and it becomes the best and fastest seller ever

    • oh, that is a wonderful wish! me, too! but I can tell you that as of this morning it is the #1 hot new release on amazon!

  3. Love seeing it in more detail – and seeing the map of contributors. Looks like mine will be arriving next week – but the wait will make the arrival so much sweeter!

    Well done – such a big project – it makes the 100 Project look like a mere sprint!

    • oh my word, I was doing the 100 day project in the middle of this, otherwise it would have been ready sooner. probably . hahahahahaha! my copy should be here Monday. I tried to include that map inside the book but the publisher’s program just didn’t like it. no idea why

  4. That’s an amazing achievement streamlining all those patterns. I was astonished by the price – such amazing value for that much information & all presented so beautifully. No wonder it’s shot right to the top of Amazon’s sales lists.

    • haha! yayayayay!!! lots of prayer went into this one! I wanted the price low enough that people could actually afford it. I want everyone to have it that wants it

  5. Congratulations on another great book! I am so looking forward to having it! Thank You!

    • thank you so much for letting me know. I hope the book provides you with wonderful patterns for a long time to come <3

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