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A week. Thereabouts. Mark’s surgery is coming fast. We will be heading to the hospital Monday while our son stays in our house to take care of animals. The police officer across the way knows we will be gone for a bit and he will keep watch over our house as well. Tuesday morning is surgery time. We have been told because of the amount of work they need to do Mark will probably be in the hospital 2-3 days. So close to a week before I will be able to post again. Then hopefully everything will be back to normal. Mostly. I’m sure therapy will play a part in our every day lives for awhile.

Today we got in the car and went for a ride. Walking is hard for him, sitting seems to be alright, so sightseeing was the order for the morning. And that includes my favorite barn. Hahaha! Mark even called it Alice’s Barn as we passed.

The potatoes are ready for harvest. There are potatoes fields everywhere up here in Maine. And one way to know it’s time to harvest is the plants turn brown. All those dead looking things in the field have potatoes under them just waiting to be harvested. And then once the harvest is complete, people like me can go into the fields and gather the leftover potatoes. Many families up here survive on potatoes during the winter. The price is right and there are plenty of them. Winter is hard here. Money is scarce for a lot of folks. So free potatoes is a good thing.

Other people are rolling and gathering bales of hay. For animals throughout the winter and the potato farmers till up the soil and cover it with a layer of hay to sit under the snow. I have no idea why and I wish someone would tell me. Hahahaha! We have wondered about that for three years now.

And here is a scary sight. The leaves are starting to change already. I am not ready for the snows to be here. Seemed like they would never leave last year. Yes, I do love the snow. A lot. I just don’t need 173 inches of it like last year. And no, that is not a typo.

Isn’t the Frankles adorable? Wearing her new big-girl glasses. I love them and they are purple! One of her two favorite colors. Red being the second. Love these glasses on her!

And I have one piece of art to show you. I will tell you more about it down the road, but for now just know I used metallic bullet point pens from Kelly Creates. A super deal I got in that Blitsy warehouse relocation sale. It was epic!

Keep us in your prayers, please. I know this is a routine surgery but Mark is nervous. We need this done like yesterday, but we are thankful it is finally happening now. We could have done without the expense but we don’t have a choice. I know God has us in His hand and will take care of us. And I will see you back here soon. Promise.

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28 thoughts on “See You in a Week

  1. Alice, first of all, prayers and good thoughts flooding your way. Hoping all will go well and you and Mark will be home soon for his mending. Second, Frankles is so darned cute! And third, your photo with the hay bales is stunning! That sky, in particular. Keep the faith – all will be well

    • I am trying to keep the faith, I know God will take care of everything. thank you for your comments – I am smiling now 🙂

    • she is for sure! she’s coming for dinner tonight – to see mark off for his surgical procedure. can’t wait for my hugs!

  2. I certainly will keep all of you in my prayers this week, especially Mark. It’ll be so good to be on the other side of this!

  3. My husband too had hip surgery a few years ago now and it was harrowing going through it and the recovery (therapy) Like you too the cost was something we couldn’t afford but it was so needed for him. We thank God that the hospital worked with us over the payments. Now , a few years down the road, with no debt for that and a husband that can ride his bike and walk, pain free again, we are very thankful. The Lord will get you through all this.

  4. Sending you all the best wishes and hopes my heathen heart can make! 😉 Hip operations usually offer a great improvement to well being. Once the initial healing is done Mark and you will hopefully reap the rewards of greater comfort and ability. Surgeries are scary, and expensive unfortunately – I’ll be thinking of you. Take all the time you need.

    • thanks, Jem, with no health insurance we are footing the bill for the entire thing. not fun. but it has to be done. looking forward to better days ahead for mark. thank you for the well wishes <3

  5. Just checked & Filofax is marked for Mark’s surgery – shall be praying & have been. Do take care of yourself too & no doubt you’ve the travel tangle supplies packed. Glad you’ve got family to take care of the animals – hope Aurora doesn’t get up to any mischief in your absence. Frankles really is growing.

    • mark is nervous – understandably – but ready to have this done and get on to the next phase. I will be glad, too, it’s been stressful and hard. thankful we are finally getting things done. thank you for the prayers. we really appreciate them.

  6. Fingers crossed and wishes sent for a successful surgery and quick, full recovery. I’ll be thinking of you. Hugs

  7. My prayers are with you. I know Mark will be fine. You are loved! Frankles looks adorable in her new accessories!

  8. I had both hips replaced when I was 52. First one in March and second one in September. The worst part is when the muscle starts shrinking and starts to reattach to the bone. Because of the severity of my replacement, the surgery was long, but a couple of hours after, they got me up to walk. I faithfully did my exercises, followed all instructions from my doctor and everything went great. He’ll do great, worrying about it is worse than the actual surgery . I’ll be sending good thoughts all day for him.

    • that is what we are hearing. hopefully all will go smoothly and we will recover from there. thank you <3

    • thank you, I will miss my daily time here but hope to get back to it soon. thank you for the prayers, they are appreciated!

  9. Dear Alice,
    Prayers for Mark, that the doc’s hands be guided and that the recovery is uneventful
    and walking easily – returns.
    Maureen Gilardi
    Mystic, CT

    PS I am on your mailing list and love your posts!

  10. Prayers, hugs and love to you, Mark and your family. Take good care of both of you! Frankie’s is growing so fast and her “grown up” glasses look great on that sweet face?. Thank for the great photos, never too many of the farm lands and “Alice’s barn” ????.
    Best wishes!

    • hahaha! I missed my barn while we were out of town. hahahaha! got back home late yesterday. taking it easy today

  11. Thinking of you and Mark tonight. I loved the scenic photos and your granddaughter is adorable. Prayers for peace of mind for you. We put a hospital bill on a credit card years ago. Now we work with the hospital (many things for hubby and myself over the last few years). As long as you are making payments they can’t take you to collections. Do what you guys are comfortable with financially. I know debt is stressful so I hope the recovery goes smoothly and Mark has relief.

    • thank you, we got home late yesterday and mark is already feeling better. got a good ways to go yet but showing great improvement each day

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