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It’s August 5th today. My mom’s birthday. If she were still here she would be 95 today. Happy birthday in heaven, Mom! I love you and I miss you but I will see you again one day! And that’s about all I can say about that without crying.

So I am going to show you what I’m up to in my life now. Most of you know I am working on a new book. Won’t tell you a lot about it here – saving that for when it’s live on Amazon – but I do want to show you what my day looks like. You are used to me posting every morning but you may have noticed over the past week it has been less frequent. I am working hard to get this book completed. I build it on my computer – right here you see patterns from Pat Tracz and Francine DiCicco. To the right is my book map, the order the pages will be in the book. And I have my list with the correct spelling of the pattern names – some of them can get kind of crazy. To the left of the keyboard is my list of all 450+ patterns and the page number they will be on in the book. I have my list of the correct spelling of the 48 contributors and notes about who lives where. And a whole lot of scribbled little bits of paper here and there, it is a work in progress. I will show you more as I get closer to revealing the final product.

Mark had some pretty exciting pictures on the stealth cameras this week. A bull moose – not huge – but a bull moose in our yard. I think this is down near the bear cave.

Here he is from another camera – yes, he is blurry but there he is. Mark is thrilled. Hahahaha! I just want the big guy to come out in the day time so I can get some pictures with my real camera.

Sorry about the bright unrealistic green in this shot. Stealth camera gives us what it wants to. Hahaha! We had several shots of this coyote, not something we want to see in the yard. I’ll take the bears over a coyote any day. The fun fact about this photo is it was taken at 6:23 in the morning. Full broad on daylight. It gets daylight here around 4:30 AM.

We are not sure what is in front of the camera on the right, but there is a pretty deer in the center. The only shot we had of it. The cameras are motion activated and then they take one photo every 5 minutes, I think that is what Mark told me. Ok, the Hendon Wildlife in Maine show is now over.

The farmers are working long hours here in Maine right now. You see pieces of equipment like this driving the highways everywhere. I have no idea what this is. I know they drive it down through the rows of potatoes in the field – that is why you sit up high above the wheels. And if you use these pieces of equipment and know what they are – please don’t laugh at my non-farming side showing. Hahahaha!

Potato fields. Everywhere you look there are either potatoes or some type of wheat planted. For acres and acres. Most of the outdoors pictures were shot with my cell phone from a moving vehicle.

Depending on when the potatoes were planted they may or may not have flowers on them. You literally see fields like this that go for as far as you can see. Potatoes are big news here in Maine.

Occasionally you find a field of corn. This one covered probably 100 acres of more of just corn. So much corn. I hope they have some kind of fancy machine that harvests all the ears of corn. Or a team of about 50 workers. They are going to be seriously busy. This field is over near where Jason lives.

Out and about. We have been eating salad at Subway in the neighboring town lately. This bridge is on the way – it’s in Houlton. I love taking photos of this bridge at various times of the year. When it’s covered in snow and that river is solid ice is my favorite.

This was a few evenings ago when we were heading home from Houlton. Potato fields all along that left hand side of the road. Mark says it is weeds all along the right hand side. Hahahaha! And just look at that sky! It was crazy! The sun was setting behind all those storm clouds.

This is a typical supper shot at our house. Hahahaha! Kodi and Belle are hoping Mark either drops something on the floor or gives them something. Preferably meat and hopefully more than one bite. In the background you see the stairs that goes upstairs to the loft. Those rooms are the bathroom and the door to the right is my studio. The living room drops down behind the kitchen countertop and goes off to the right.

At night we get some interesting moths on the porch. Many of them hang around the next morning and occasionally I get a photo. We seem to have a lot of this particular type.

I had never seen this one before. It has really pretty color. Mostly it blends in with the wood, but yesterday it clung to the toe of my shoe. Which apparently needs to be cleaned.

And that brings me up to this morning. I went outside to grab some breakfast – ??? – and thought I’d show you one of the dragons. And Prince Charming. If you look closely you will see his sword. My friend Larry Creel in south Florida made both these pieces from scrap pieces of metal.

This one I purchased probably on Amazon. He had a rough first winter here and lost his wings, but Mark was able to weld them back on. Now he lives in our basement during winter. In this one area I have four dragons, a bench to sit on and draw, a gazing ball and a huge rock. Hahaha!

Starting right behind the purple dragon – Maleficent – and extending down to the bear cave are wild raspberry bushes.

A lot of them! They grow wild right along the edge of the trees.

The sun was really bright this morning. Sitting behind a section of raspberries is a patch of fire weed. Such pretty color. I should have gotten a photo sometime ago though, much of the pink was laying on the ground today.

The raspberries are yummy. Small but sweet and tasty. You can pick them every couple days.

They are down low for the most part. And there are literally a couple hundred bushes total.

Breakfast. Sweet, delicious and it was free. Hahaha! I love Maine! Could you tell? Now, back to the book.

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14 thoughts on “My Life Right Now

  1. wow, there is so much good stuff in this post. Hugs to you on your mom’s birthday, and I really enjoyed your pics. Especially the cow moth and the bull moose. hee!

  2. Thanks for the lovely guided tour – I can almost taste those raspberries! Loved the moose – he looks almost guilty – like he knows he’s been caught on camera!

    Great to see the hub of your book making activity – well done on your commitment to a vast project!

    • thanks, Jem, I feel guilty not posting each day but I don’t have time to make art right now. I need to get this book completed. I have one more I want to have available by the end of the year. not as huge as this one, though. hahahaha!

  3. Thank You for sharing your home! I do miss Maine! Keep up the good work on the book! Can’t wait to see it!

    • we have wild apple trees, too. some are sour, some are sweet. and we do like potatoes, at the end of the harvest we can go into the fields and take all we want. a lot of people keep their families fed in the winter on free potatoes.

  4. Your skies are absolutely amazing & your wildlife – it’s the birds & moths that are my favourites; I’m learning to identify the moths from your photos though sometimes it takes a while & I’m not sure for several look almost the same. Anyhow I think that first one is a Great Tiger Moth, what a beauty. Thinking of you with that book. It’s always hard on birthdays isn’t it?

    • it is hard, I’ve got mom’s photo hanging in my studio so I feel like she is here with me. it helps. and I do appreciate you identifying my birds and bugs for me 🙂 so thank you <3

  5. Love your photos of your corner of the world! The farms, the critters, your DRAGONS of course . And your travels. Just gorgeous! Oh almost forgot to mention the barn!
    Thank you for sharing❣️

    • thanks, phillis, I love it here so much. I never loved Florida. so it feels strange. glad I could share it with you 🙂

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