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Let’s see. How many of you know my favorite color? Hahaha! We are going to have a test. Just kidding. Hahahaha! Most of you already know my favorite color is teal. I even used to have teal highlights in my hair. Back in Florida. They don’t do that so much in my part of Maine. Makes me sad.

Facebook group Creative Crafty Friends is a fun place where we get to swap art. Art and crafting supplies. And one of the most recent swaps I participated in was for your favorite color. Rebecca Gay sent me a box packed full of wonderful, awesome things! I want to show you the items she made herself. Isn’t this card wonderful? I can’t remember what this style card is called and I can not get the file to open now – but Rebecca made this card. All of it! And you can not see in this photo, but it closed by a magnetic flap. I love it! So much!

She also made these ATCs with the base color being teal. Scraps of fabric she stamps words on, metal embellishments, scraps of paper (she also made envelopes from those same papers) and ribbon. Hard to get decent photos today – storming like crazy outside. But didn’t she do an amazing job?

I am really curious about this hanging ornament. I think she actually made this. The backside is rounded like an umbrella with all those colors meeting in the center. And it is stuffed with cotton – I think. And I can hang it. And the colors are perfect for my studio, so hang it I will once Mark gets his new hip and can help me with some fishing line and some ceiling action. Love it!

And here is an overview of everything else. Upper right – those two pieces are actually envelopes Rebecca made from scrapbook paper. Cool! There are ceramic buttons and a beautiful bird that will be hanging on a Christmas tree in November. I love it all! Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Want to get involved in a swap or two yourself? Come join us at Creative Crafty Friends. You will need to answer a question or two so the admins know you are an actual person and not a machine. Everyone is so nice in this group! Hope to see you there!

Book update: all the patterns are in place in the book. I’m working on a pattern index now and a few other things, then I will proofread the whole thing many times and hit ‘send’. Hopefully the publisher takes it on the first go round. We are getting close to having this book available! Thank you for your patience <3

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Color Swap

  1. A lovely swap – & I knew your colour. That hanging ornament is gorgeous & I know you’ll enjoy that in the studio.
    Great news with the book – the end is in sight………

    • thankfully – it’s been 8 months already. that’s the longest I ever did anything other than school. hahaha! isn’t that ornament beautiful? and yes, she did make it herself!

  2. What an awesome gift of personal handmade items. That one with all the folded colour fabric is my Favorite.
    I’m very excited for you to get your book published. Wishing you good luck when you hit send!

    • thank you so much 🙂 prayers would be appreciated, too, if you believe in prayer 🙂

  3. Alice, I think the card style is a form of accordion pleating if that helps at all. You sure got a wonderful load of goodies to play with!!! Thanks for sharing!

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