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Today I want to show you something really cool and tell you about this tile you see in the feature photo. That is the photo right above this. Recently Blitsy was moving into a new warehouse and they were having a killer sale! This is the second time they’ve moved warehouses this year and this sell was even better than the first one!

Check out just one of my awesome finds! Kelly Creates has this on her website for $30.00 – well, $29.99 but that’s almost like $30.00. Hahaha! While Blitsy was moving and had their greatly reduced sell going on I picked this set up for $4.00 – what a steal! The Dream Pens are meant primarily for lettering and I haven’t quite learned that art style – yet – but when did you ever know me to use product for what it was purposed? Great question, yes? Ten pens – double ended with a small brush and a large brush – I was super excited for this deal!

When they arrived, I figured I had the perfect opportunity to pair them with some Bamboo Mixed Media tiles from Hahnemühle. Hahahaha! Perfect, I tell you!

I ended up using five of the Bamboo papers with this selection of pens. Ok, think about what you know about me. What you know about my color preferences and look at this set of pens. If you think about it you will see why I never spent $30.00 on this set. And you can also see why I jumped to spend the $4 that I spent. Hahahaha! Nothing against Kelly Creates but there are some pretty boring colors in this set. Not the bright and awesome colors I usually like to work with. And that is probably because they are meant for a specific purpose. To get started I pulled out the cardinal and evergreen pens. Two that I probably would never choose.

You know the routine I usually start with in trying out a new product. Scribble some color on the craft mat and spray it with water. It is pretty much always the first thing I try. I actually scribbled both colors on my mat – just not in this photo – and sprayed.

Then I placed the tile face down into the color and lifted.

Nice! I really liked the evergreen – surprise! The cardinal I wasn’t too sure about. Red is not usually my color and this was a really dark red. But I did like the way the red lines were playing through the green section.

There was still some color on the mat so I turned my paper back over and picked up what I could and sat it to one side to dry. Where you see areas of solid coverage – that came from the places on my mat that had the most water. Where there are speckles of color – like in that white area on the left and towards the middle – that is where there was just scribbled color and no water. The addition of water makes that much difference.

I totally wasn’t loving these colors, so I added more evergreen to the mat with a little more water and flipped the tile over again. When it was totally dry, this is what I ended up with. And I love it! Just two pens gave all these color variations.

Yeah, I don’t know why I don’t have an in progress photo of this one but you can see the colors I used. Petal and stream. A really pretty combination. And I was able to get some solid areas of coverage and some speckles along the edges. Want to see this one dry? I added color a couple times.

Didn’t it turn out pretty? I like the edges of color and the way they dry. Some of those pink edges pushed away green and there is a crisp line of green edging the pink. Really cool the way that happens.

I used two colors again and I did not expect the colors to look like this. Wildflower is a soft lavender color and river is a dark blue. And they totally blended out into pink and purple. There are spots of blue but there is a lot more purple.

This photo is reversed from the one above and frankly I am too tired to figure out how to flip it. Sorry. I do like how it dried. And it’s hard for me to believe just two pens gave me all this color . . .

. . . but let me show you something really crazy. This was the first lift with this tile. And for color I used the pen Daybreak. That’s it. One pen. How is that even possible? My mat was clean. All this color came from one pen. I was making myself use a color I normally wouldn’t use. And am I ever glad I did! Same technique. Alice’sscribbleandspraythemattechnique. I liked it and wanted to see if I could do this twice.

So I added a little more color to the mat – just that one pen called daybreak – and it worked again. Crazy!

I left this tile plenty wet and just let it dry. And the next morning I had this. I can not explain it – how the color broke down into these individual ones. Pink, green, salmon, a little cream. It’s crazy and I love it! I may not even draw on this one!

I had one tile left on my desktop. And instead of scribbling on the mat – I scribbled on the tile. Using the colors river, evergreen, stream, wildflower, petal and cardinal. Just to see what would happen.

And I sprayed the tile with plenty of water. You can see the colors as they started to move and blend. Pretty awesome to watch! Especially the river color.

And I had so much water the tile started to roll up a little. And that’s ok.

Because these Bamboo Mixed Media cards from Hahnemühle dry flat. No matter how much water I throw at them – they dry flat. Is this a favorite? No, it isn’t. But it isn’t the worst I’ve ever done either. Hahahaha! I will tangle on this one. And it will make a world of difference. And when I do I will show it to you again. Kelly Creates Dream Pens. Worth my $4.00? Absolutely! Worth $30.00? If I was a letter artist – yes, they would be worth the expense. For what I do with the pens? Probably not, but definitely worth the $4 that I have invested.

I am anxiously awaiting UPS to show up. They are bringing my first copy of Tangle All Around the World. I haven’t seen it yet but it is getting great reviews from the people who have it already. And it is still #1 on Amazon’s hot new release list! I wish they would hurry up and get here!

Kelly Creates Dream Pens
Bamboo Mixed Media tiles and other Hahnmühle products with purchase links
Tangle All Around the World

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14 thoughts on “Dream Pens From Kelly Creates

  1. Thanks for sharing your techniques for getting some very interesting background color for tangling tiles.
    I think I have some colored pencils that are meant for watercolor, i will try them on the mat sprayed with water, Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. $4!!!!! What a steal! I always have trouble paying for brush pens at higher prices. I am trying to learn brush lettering. But it is going really slow! Kelly has a nice line of items to learn from. Thanks for sharing your art. I always love what you do!

  3. That Daybreak is very intriguing indeed – astonishing it replicated so it must be that the the brownish peachy colour is formed by mixing a dull pink & a green, complementaries forming the brown which the sort of brownish peachy would be classified as I suppose. Well that the theory according to me…………. According to the same theory though the Cardinal & Evergreen mixed should have resulted in a sort of brown as also the Petal & Stream. My friend I work with is using Kelly’s pens & tutorials to teach herself lettering & loving it so I’ve seen the product. I’d have bought them at the sale price too. Definitely worth a try with your experimenting.

    • absolutely worth it. they are really nice products – I have 3 or 4 different pen types and I got them all on discount.

  4. Just looked at this post again, did you notice the first tile you did with Daybreak really looks like an Chinese Zodiac Dragon !
    Love them all but that one (of course) is my favorite ❣️?

    • haha! no, I didn’t notice that. I’ll have to go look and maybe that will give me some drawing ideas <3

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