Dragonfly Love


Great title, right? Hahahaha! In my Facebook group Tangle All Around – besides celebrating our new book – we are working on dragonflies. Specifically tangled dragonflies. And let me tell you they are harder than they look. So that whole ‘love’ part still has a way to go for me.

I worked on this one two nights ago. It’s on a 4.5″ Zendala tile from Zentangle® HQ. I have a few left and thought they would be perfect for the dragonflies. No idea why I thought to use a light grey Copic multiliner with these Technical Pens from Zebra, but I really like the contrast! I’ll have to see if I have anything similar in my Zebra Pen collection. Of course I started with the traditional printemps, then moved on to flow fleur and viola – both organic patterns included in Tangle All Around the World. I thought – ok, this wasn’t too bad – so I started another last night.

I think the hardest part for me was deciding which patterns to use. There isn’t a whole lot of room in those spaces to tangle, so simple is probably better. I will most probably do another today but I think I’ll move over to some paper that has color on it. Cause that’s what I like to do! Hahahahaha!

Need a tangle place to hang out? Somewhere you can learn more about this art style? Make some cool friends who are encouraging and helpful and we don’t discuss politics at all ever??? Come on over to Tangle All Around, answer a couple basic questions – you can even answer ‘I don’t know’ – and it’s ok. I’ll open the door and let you in. That simple. I’d love to see you there where we are all currently working on dragonflies.

Tangle All Around
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

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6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Love

  1. Your new book arrived yesterday and it does not disappoint I who can never remember all the different tangles that I have seen and liked or loved now have most of them at my fingertips It gives me a reason to join the tangle all around and see what I can do ..Great book if members have not yet gotten it Dont wait so worth having That a pen a piece of paper and the book in your bag You’ve got all you need…

  2. These are beautiful! I can’t wait to have time to draw! Thank you for all the inspiration you give!

    • I’m glad I can inspire – one day soon you will have time to draw and you won’t know where to start. hahaha! I’d start with that new book you have – you know, the one you are featured in 😉

  3. These look great fun & the tutorial provided so generously by Lynda is first rate. The use of the greys in the first really adds dimension & the way you’ve chosen not to complete the outer circle in the second is very effective.

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