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AOSS. Art on a shoe string. When you see these letters, or this statement Art on a Shoe String, it means I am going to show you an inexpensive way to make something cool. Hahaha! At least something I think is cool and hopefully you will, too. There are a lot of AOSS posts sprinkled throughout the history of my art and today we add one more. A simple way to make something neat.

Recently I went to Walmart and purchased a two dollar 8″ x 10″ frame to put a piece of ship art into and hang on my wall. The frame came with this paper mat. You know the kind. Glossy, thin, white, something basic to turn a smaller piece of art or photo into a larger matted piece. Most of the time I throw these straight into the trash. And I started to throw this one out as well. Then I thought hmm! I could totally tangle that! It would make a great mat for a school picture of the Frankles! So I grabbed my technical pens from Zebra Pen and tangled up a bunch of airways all around the opening. Took me about 10 minutes from start to finish. I didn’t add any color – I am waiting till I know exactly how I will use this mat before deciding about color or no color. The addition of color now would limit how I could use the mat in the future. I wouldn’t want hot pink airways if I was going to mat a photo of my son. Or yellow sunflower-like airways to go with . . . well, actually yellow sunflowers go with everything but you understand what I mean with that. Hahahaha! Once I know what photo is going under the mat, then I will decide whether or not to add color. For a couple dollars I got a nice frame for my ship and I retrieved this mat from the trashcan for a fun, free art project! Art on a shoe string at work!

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Throw That Out

  1. I find I always keep these (at least for a little while, or my husband throws them away, haha) they do make nice art! Have a great weekend!

    • there are a bunch of them in the past. I’ll pull them out one at a time and re-post them

  2. That looked so real and perfect, I had to scroll back up to see it was your art work. Great save from the trash and now it’s a beauty.

  3. Thanks Alice. I re or upcycle all kinds of stuff for art but never thought of using the paper or cardboard in the frame packaging. Love the airways and in only 10 minutes? My you are a fast tangler

  4. Amazed it only took you 10 minutes or so – like the idea of the sunflower yellow…… maybe that’s because my August Scripture Calendar page header is yellow sunflowers……… hmm……
    Airways looks super in border fashion like that & I do like the way they’re partial.

    • I’m going to get to work on the Christian devotion book shortly after Mark’s surgery. so many ideas for things to do with it. and you just gave me another πŸ™‚

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