Birds of a Feather


Regardless the country you live in – you have probably heard the saying birds of a feather flock together. Well, today I want to show you my flock. The art of my flock. Because every single person in my flock is special and deserves recognition. I am referring to my FB group Tangle All Around. Yes, you hear me talk about them all the time. Because they are that awesome! For the past two weeks we have been tangling feathers. I want to show you all the ones they gave me permission to share. It’s a long post and definitely worth your time. I promise!

Artwork by Aditi Parikh.

Artwork by Aga Forra.

Artwork by Aggie Hasselfield.

Artwork by Ana Maria Migone.

Artwork by Antara Bhattacharya.

Artwork by Beatriz Gasco.

Artwork by Brenda DeBock.

Artwork by Cécile Graat.

Artwork by Claudia PbnV.

Artwork by Colleen VanderLinden.

Artwork by Dawn George.

Artwork by Deb Bowmore.

Artwork by Deborah Prier.

Artwork by Erika Bonham Kehlet.

Artwork by Gayle Van Wagenen.

Artwork by Gypsy Black.

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.

Artwork by Janine Weatherly.

Artwork by Jessica Hudson.

Artwork by Karen Collins.

Artwork by Karen Karstadt.

Artwork by Karen Langen Rushton.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Kristin Esterberg Deceuninck.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Maria Vennekens.

Artwork by Maxine Martin Erickson.

Artwork by Oriana Aguilar.

Artwork by Phillis Rosenthal.

Artwork by Rachel Foster.

Artwork by Randi Jameson.

Artwork by Rochelle Babb.

Artwork by Sarah Ibrahim.

Artwork by Seva Skevos.

Artwork by Sherri Lewis.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Summer Wright.

Artwork by Susan Olthof.

Artwork by Sylvie Lehaire.

Artwork by TC Carpenter.

Artwork by Tonia Docter.

Artwork by Tonia Docter.

Artwork by Tonje Strand Johnsen.

Artwork by Verena Bossert.

Artwork by Yvonne Dunmore.

Artwork by Zona Lewis Simonson.

Artwork by Judy Vodden.

Artwork by Φίλίνά Λϊνν Σάντάνδερ.

Artwork by 律光千尋‎.

Artwork by Priscilla DeConti.

Artwork by Katy Paul-Chowdhury

Artwork by Andrea Kine.

And that’s it. Weren’t they all beautiful? Some things to notice. There are all levels of tangling expertise represented. Beginners, more skilled and advanced. Everyone starts somewhere. Some feathers were black ink on white paper, one was white ink on black paper, many were in color. Some feathers were created on fancy watercolor paper, some on mixed media paper, some in journals or sketchbooks. Several were created on whatever the artist had on hand at the moment. You really can tangle anywhere with whatever supplies you have on hand. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in this art form. You can use whatever you have. Even if it is a pencil or a pen or a stick drawing in the dirt. It all works. And it is all magnificent.

Do you need a flock? A tangle flock? I would love to have you come join our FB group Tangle All Around and you can do that by clicking this link. You will need to answer three simple questions so I can tell you are a real live breathing person and not a computer hacking machine. Hahaha! The struggle is real, folks. But seriously, if you are even the slightest bit interested in the art style, come check us out. You will love my flock!

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38 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. What an amazing sight here. Thank you for all your hard work and also thank you for including me ♥

  2. So creative and beautiful ! I have been inspired to draw a feather in my art journal.

  3. Oh those were Beautiful! I have not been able to FB on a regular basis lately and it was nice to see a lot of them together! Thanks for putting it all together!

  4. Extremely talent artist. Fantastic Feather designs, both in Ink an Watercolour. Each artist has there own unique style which is lovely to see what one can create with a great patterns. Congrats to all who had to opportunity to be on Alice’s post. Doodle art I find is one of the most miss understood or exception in the area I live. I’ve stepped outside the box into a new concept of Doodle Art as I’m sure Artists like yourself have done. Continue Doodling for a beautiful peace of mind an enjoyment. Everyone have a enjoyable day. From Ontario Canada, we’re finally getting summer. Better late than never. Ha Ha Ha

    • Ontario isn’t that far from where I live 🙂 I have some amazing artists in my group. thanks for your wonderful comments 🙂

  5. OMG these are all soooo beautiful!! Feathers must be the theme of the day as I am at a retreat in Michigan and showing everyone how to create tangled feathers with dylusions inks in dropper bottles! FUN FUN!!

  6. What a beautiful thing to look at today. Almost ethereal in the beauty. Thank you for the effort to put this together.

    • thanks for letting me include your art – the whole group turned out wonderfully!

  7. Amazing what diversity comes from a similar starting idea! All are lovely and so much fun to see all together!
    Thank you Alice for all your hard work❣️❤️??

  8. I love your collection, it’s wonderful ?. Everyone of these feathers are unique. Thank you for gathering our artwork.

  9. So fun to see everybody’s beautiful work, I am proud to be a part of this group.

  10. What a wonderful post – lovely to see all these feathers pulled together – just like the post with everyone’s hands – a truly precious sense of community.

    And even though I’m always too late to join in, I get great pleasure from seeing what others shared.

    Thank you Alice, once again, for bringing out a bit more in all of us, than we might manage without your gentle guidance.

    • never too late, I can always edit and add <3 I will have to think of something else we can all do together

  11. I was thinking something very similar to your final paragraph as I scrolled through the images, a really tremendous variety of styles & absolutely fascinating to see. Thank you for taking the time to make such a lengthy post – especially with the names in non Roman alphabets.

    • it was fun . we have such talented members in our group. I’m going to do another similar thing the next 2 weeks while mark has his surgery <3

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