See You in a Week


A week. Thereabouts. Mark’s surgery is coming fast. We will be heading to the hospital Monday while our son stays in our house to take care of animals. The police officer across the way knows we will be gone for a bit and he will keep watch over our house as well. Tuesday morning is… Continue Reading

Watercolor Dragonfly


Our I Dare You! prompt this week is dragonflies in Tangle All Around. And I just had to play! I made a couple black ink on white tile dragonflies but you know my heart is with color. So I brought out my palette of favorite colors and a couple Zendala tiles and got busy. This… Continue Reading

Don’t Throw That Out


AOSS. Art on a shoe string. When you see these letters, or this statement Art on a Shoe String, it means I am going to show you an inexpensive way to make something cool. Hahaha! At least something I think is cool and hopefully you will, too. There are a lot of AOSS posts sprinkled… Continue Reading

Dream Pens From Kelly Creates


Today I want to show you something really cool and tell you about this tile you see in the feature photo. That is the photo right above this. Recently Blitsy was moving into a new warehouse and they were having a killer sale! This is the second time they’ve moved warehouses this year and this… Continue Reading

Checking Your Progress


I wish all my tangle art looked this good and came this easy. There are days when I sit to draw and can not think of a single tangle. Not even one pattern. I start to wonder do I even know any patterns??? Which is silly since I have deconstructed literally a couple hundred patterns… Continue Reading

Dragonfly Love


Great title, right? Hahahaha! In my Facebook group Tangle All Around – besides celebrating our new book – we are working on dragonflies. Specifically tangled dragonflies. And let me tell you they are harder than they look. So that whole ‘love’ part still has a way to go for me. I worked on this one… Continue Reading

#1 Hot New Release


Ok, so I just have to brag a bit. Ok, well maybe a lot. And say thank you, thank you, thank you to every single one of you who has already purchased Tangle All Around the World. This is what we accomplished overnight . . . . . . #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release… Continue Reading

Tangle All Around the World – Literally


Such exciting news to share today!!!!! But first I have to show you this: Isn’t it beautiful??? And might I add – yayayay!!!!! Hahaha! If you have been following these posts you may already know this is a book I have been working on since December. Yes, you read that right. For nine months now… Continue Reading

Save Those Old Gift Cards


Why? Hahaha! Well someone could always gift you with more money on that card – you never know. Right? But mostly save those old cards because you can put them to use in your art making! Check out the top drawer of my desk. This is where I work each day and this drawer is… Continue Reading

Let’s Build a Mandala From Scratch


I was looking at an old cell phone and found this set of photos that I never posted. From back in December, 2014 – they are almost five years old. This is still one of my favorite pieces – mostly because of the sparkly color, hahaha! – but also because of how simply this mandala… Continue Reading