Wrapping Up The 100 Day Project, 2019


It’s time! You know it’s time, right? It’s time to say yayayayayayayay!!!!! The 100 Day Project is a done deal for 2019 and I finished every day! Not always on the same day, but every day got completed. Let’s look at the last nine days and please, stay tuned all the way to the end where I am going to show all 100 days! Honest!

Day 92 was a combination of cee-a-mosa and line dance, along with a crazy version of shattuck down the middle. All of these last nine pieces were made on a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle. All drawing was with Technical Pens from Zebra Pen. These two items working hand-in-hand is a can’t beat it combination!

That background is my tangle blox – it’s a good go-to just about any time. Those bands contain gotcha! Day 93.

Day 94 has a lot of awesome pink! I sure wish I could tell you what product I used – but I didn’t write it on the back. Probably one of the distress products from Ranger, but not sure which one. The patterns? Yes, I can tell you those. Printemps, line dance and golden.

And I can tell you Day 95’s color was made with Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. And it was a lot of fun to make! For sure! The patterns on this one are printemps – I pretty much always use it – and cee-a-mosa. One of my favorites.

This tile for Day 96 is part of my Treasured Bits of Tangles book I made using the YouTangle.art Tiles and a disc bound system. The colors are Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors – lemon grass and cherry. So much fun tangling up a bunch of caracole.

I turned to my disc bound journal a lot this week and Day 97 was no exception. The color is fossilized amber and cracked pistachio Distress Oxide Sprays from Ranger. That is a band of all boxed up across the middle.

Day 98 started off looking like this. I had these awesome bottles of Hero Arts Daubers from years ago – and look! they still work! They are really cool for just smacking down on the tile and making these splatters. So much fun!

I loved the tile so much I put it in my disc bound journal also. And used it for Day 98! Those balls are kuke and jetties.

Day 99’s color was made the same day I made the pink tile. Probably a distress product from Ranger. Patterns are footlites, diva dance rock ‘n roll and a variation of flying geese. Just regular graphite shading. I really love the brightness in this piece.

And that brings us to . . . drum roll! . . . day 100!!! Yayayayay!!! Happy dance!!! This tile. I can totally tell you about this tile. Those beautiful colors are Ecoline Brush Pens used as a watercolor. The very first tile I made with those pens. Such beautiful color! For the last day I again started with printemps – totally tucked my signature in there like I usually do – and added some of that crazy shattuck and my pattern airways. Ta-da!!!!! And now for that cool look at all 100 pieces of art I promised you . . .

Collage created using TurboCollage software from www.TurboCollage.com

I made this collage using a free program – it tells you where – Turbo Collage and if I can figure out how to use it – so can you! All 100 pieces of art right there and I love it! Just look at all that color! Hahahahaha! Seriously I could just make 100 pieces of color and be happy. Hmmmmm. Hahahahaha! Not even thinking about it. That’s a wrap on the 2019: 100 Day Project! Next for me? That crazy stencil thing I told you about earlier. Yep. I have them all stashed in a cardboard box and I am going to use one a day and slowly put them away. Every stencil will have at least been used once when I’m done. And lucky you get to read all about it. I promise to post about other things, too. Hahahahahaha!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

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20 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The 100 Day Project, 2019

  1. WOW!!!!! What a magnificent quilt of Zentangled beauty!! I’m very impressed, Alice, that you persevered and completed THE WHOLE THING!!

    • it was a long haul but so worth it, I know. I appreciate your encouragement along the way <3

  2. Proud of you and your dedication to finishing the project! And still do all the other stuff you do, many congrats❣️I do think you should frame that collage and save it as next years reminder of what it entailed.
    Be well and tangle, stencil, and color on!

    • hahaha! I am going to look into printing this out and framing it. and stencil away I shall become real soon

  3. Great article. Totally enjoyed your overview of the last 9 days of 100. That are all works of art in color and design. Great post. Thank you.

    • thanks, Barbara, I appreciate your encouragement. it was a fun ride even though it was long


    So great to see all your tiles together like that. What an achievement!

    You’ve prompted me to use Cee-a-mosa again – I love the way it moves on a tile.

    Looking forward to following your upcoming adventures with stencils!

    • thanks, jet! I should start today but I’m editing step outs so I may not get to it. fingers crossed and fun! I look forward to seeing what you do with cee-a-mosa

  5. Loved them all! The last day was beautiful! Congrats on a great 100!❤❤❤

    • thanks, kris, and thank you for being faithful to comment and encourage. it makes a difference <3

  6. Congrats on completing the 100 Day Project! I’ve enjoyed seeing your beautiful work.

    • thank you so much 🙂 I am glad you were here to encourage me with your comments

  7. You did a fabulous job this year, such a beautiful spread when you see the days altogether! Congratulations on completing your 100 days!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!????? You did it. Each piece along the way was lovely. And the collage, well, it’s some kinda wonderful as they say!! Way to go! ?

  9. Brilliant to see you finishing this project!! That Flying Geese tangleation is fascinating & I keep going back to that pink tile that looks like it has a bottle of Printemps with the cork taken off (turn it round the other way) to release the bubbles………..

  10. what a beautiful ‘quilt’! Congrats on completing 100 days… that’s quite a feat.

    • thanks, sandy, it was a long haul but i’m sure one day I’ll think it was worth it. hahahahah! I did order a 12×12″ print so I can have it to remember by

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