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It’s time to start working with my stencils! Yayayay! Finally! Awhile back I told you I had pulled out every stencil I could find and put them into a cardboard box. I want to make a piece of art with every stencil I have and as I use them I will put them back into the drawers where they belong. Then I got to thinking – I have so many art supplies I have never used. Or have not used to their full potential. As I was trying to make room in the closet for some new inks I got in, I thought . . . I need to take back my studio! So that is what I’m calling this next venture – taking back the studio!

And the timing couldn’t be better. I grabbed this stencil from the top of the stack and got started. I combined it with a couple bottles of Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish and some Bamboo Mixed Media tiles from Hahnemühle.

Working on my craft mat and using a blending tool, I scrubbed some of the pink thistle all over a roughly 3″ x 4″ bamboo tile. Circular motions seem to give me the best coverage and if I want to blend a couple colors along the edges – this works very well. But for this tile – just the pink thistle.

Yes, I can hear you saying that looks purple, not pink. True. It does. But it is definitely pink thistle. A cool thing about these Opal Polishes – they have two colors all at once. If you could hold this piece of colored awesomeness it would be purple looking straight on. But if you tilt it a little you would see a pink shimmer. Pink thistle. Yep. It is marvelous. And a great thing about these polishes – they dry almost instantly.

I placed the first stencil over the tile – it was way huge hahahaha! And I opened the bottle of lavender blue. You got it. Mostly blue with a sheen of lavender. And you can totally see that in the jar here.

Holding everything in place with one hand, I used a blending tool to grab the color and rub it over the entire tile surface. Mostly circular motions, but at this point I’m all about getting the color on. So back and forth and round about. Hahahahahaha!

Doesn’t it look cool? Just lift that stencil straight up and away and clean that baby. If you are into that sort of thing. Hahahaha! Me? I just wiped it off with a paper towel. The sink is in a different room.

I put that tile on my drying rack with a whole lot of other things you will be seeing over the next few days and picked up another bamboo tile. This golden glow color is fairly boring to me. I have five of these polishes and they are seriously hard to open. The bottles are short and squatty and hard to grab hold of and I could only get three of the five to open. So boring it is. Golden glow. Rubbed on in circles.

This was the second stencil in my stack of a whole bunch. Like – a ton of stencils. I’ve been buying stencils for close to 20 years. So yeah, I have a few. And there is that pink thistle again. Because I could open the jar.

I used the blending tool and rubbed the color all over the tile – through the stencil. I had a bit of a glitch when my hand moved and that stencil lifted at the top left. Noooo!

But it didn’t turn out too bad. These colors are really shimmery and shiny. The open window didn’t do me any favors with the photos and I am just now noticing that.

A third tile gave me this. I used the blending tool and circular motions. Along one side is pink thistle, along the other is lavender blue. The blending tool and circular motions allowed me to blend them along that center seam and they look great side by side. Three separate bamboo mixed media tiles today, two stencils, and they all three look totally different.

Now that is it totally dry, the first one looks like alligator skin to me. Florida girl. Hahahaha! I am thinking I will probably tangle inside each section.

This one reminds me so much of Margaret Bremner’s copada tangle. I will probably use some variation of that for this tile. Two stencils in one day. Boom! I will try to include links for the stencils but don’t expect that to happen every time. Hahahahaha! Some of these came over with Noah.

Taking back the studio? I used to have my Etsy store in this closet but over time my supplies have pushed the Etsy items off to the side. In fact, I’m thinking about closing my store totally. Too much trouble. This one shelf holds so much potential fun. In that Paris tin at the right hand side is my collection of Hahnemühle postcard tins that I’ve found on eBay and a sweet tin Sandra Strait made for me – with her sheep on the lid. The sheep family is going to be in our new book. Yayayay!!! And I see two empty YouTangle.art Tile tins that I am going to make something marvelous with. Hahahahaha! Hopefully marvelous. If it is – you will get to see it. If it isn’t – you won’t. And that skinny box at the front? That holds my wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Cause it’s the best! Poof! Just like magic! Taking back the studio!

Bamboo Mixed Media tiles and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links
Grunge Studio Light Stencil
Could not find a link for the second stencil. It was a Martha Stewart Waverly stencil but I could not find it anywhere.

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20 thoughts on “Taking Back the Studio

  1. I am looking forward to the stencil series! These will be even more amazing when you tangle them!

  2. If you are still having problems with opening the lids, you could try popping them in a bit of warm water (obviously not immersed!) and then try it. It may loosen it up a little xx

    • I can try that but the main problem is the jars themselves are so short it is hard to grasp the bottle to open it. that might help to make the lid swell a bit. thanks 🙂

  3. Cool, can’t wait to see some more of your stencil work! Good luck, enjoy?❣️

  4. So awesome! Loved the blending ink colors! Can’t wait to see what other stencils you use!

    • oh gosh, I’m kind of overwhelmed – I have so many stencils. it’s hard to know where to start. I think closing my eyes and sticking my hand in the box might work

  5. I was looking forward to your stencil series and I’m not disappointed by the first installment. I’ve just started using stencils a couple of months ago and I’m looking forward to learning more by watching you. I might even learn to go a bit brighter and more intense with my colours! 🙂

  6. I hate it when you can’t get bottles to open – grrr! On the other hand, I LOVES seeing my sheeps peeking out of art storage closets!

    • hahaha! yep! I can never lose it this way 🙂 I love looking at it, and touching, and looking at it <3

  7. Alice, thanks for sharing your colorful art journey! I only recently became a reader of your blog, but am also going way back and reading ? your earlier postings. Reading about your fun and experimental play inspires me with mine! ?. I just wanted to let you know ??!
    Hugs, Kimberly

    • thank you for letting me know. I find it hard to look at the old stuff here, it’s not as easy to access as it was on my old blog. but then, my old blog doesn’t work any longer so this one is much better. hahaha! I am glad you are finding plenty to look at and get inspired by <3 have fun

    • I actually have some of these – somewhere – I’ll have to see if I can find them – thanks 🙂

    • Ooo I might have to track these down too they look alot easier to use than the other type of gripper with a handle x

  8. Spell checker changes words for NO reason.
    Not grilled it’s gripper! ?

  9. So – taking back the studio must mean that you’ll be using those art supplies up where you can????? And only buying new ones when there’s space???? That mauve tile with the blue is my favourite of these.

    • hahahaha! that’s great question! I am always looking at supplies – new and now I’ll look at old ones, too 🙂

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