String Time!


Each Thursday in my Facebook group Tangle All Around I post a string to play with during the week. Let me show you last week’s string.

Pretty straight forward. Four dots, a box connecting those dots and a string inside.

Then you add tangles to the sections created by the string. I began with printemps in that left border, then moved on to diva dance rock ‘n roll in the center band.

I love tangling up some rock ‘n roll! So fun to draw and it is so forgiving.

I rounded out my string with some wavy line dance. No real plan there other than long and keep the lines coming.

Shading was added with a graphite pencil and smudged with a tortillon. I was finished but felt like it needed something more.

I used a black gelly Glaze pen to go over those lines and give them more depth. And if you were able to hold this tile in your hand, you would get a real feel for a 3D aspect. String time √

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8 thoughts on “String Time!

    • thanks, Beth! I just got a package in the mail and I’m getting ready to open it 🙂 yayayayay!!!

    • thank you, sandra, I appreciate you reading each post and commenting. something I need to learn how to be better at

  1. Simple yet outstanding! It has been over a week since I have done any art due to life. I have truly missed it, but your emails have kept me going. Thank you for posting them! You are a blessing!

    • thank you, kris, it is hard to post every day but I know there are those like you who count on the posts. that 100 day project just about did me in

  2. I can imagine the black Gelly Glaze worked amazingly to redefine those lines in Line Dance, the interplay between inferred dimension through shading & actual physical dimension is an interesting one – the latest KTT springs to mind.

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