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Lately it’s been a little crazy here trying to accomplish life. There are only so many hours in a day and I wish there were more. Oh, the things I could make happen! Hahahaha! I could, for sure!

I took 15 minutes for myself and grabbed some supplies. In this photo you see a spiral bound pad of Harmony hot pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. I also grabbed a block of the same paper – the difference being the pages are glued on all 4 sides so you can work flat with plenty of wet media and the pages dry flat. I also grabbed several containers of Brusho Color Crystals and some water.

I began with a page I removed from the spiral bound book and the three colors you see above. Super simple to use, you poke a hole in the top of the container and tap the color crystals into the water you use. I will show you.

I began by spraying water all over the surface and tapped the violet color into several locations. When the tiny crystals hit the water they begin reacting and moving and you can get some really cool effects!

I added some lemon and leaf green and sprayed more water as I needed it. I could tell right away this spraying method wasn’t going to work well with this particular paper. I needed more water than I got by spraying, but I was committed so I continued.

And I added water and color until I was happy with these results. I felt like that lower green area was too dark . . .

. . . so I blasted that particular part with water and dropped in a few violet crystals and before they spread very far, I blotted with a paper towel. When I make these brusho pieces I just keep a whole roll of kitchen towels handy and just roll the whole thing over the paper to remove as much liquid as I need to.

I liked the piece, but it needed some pop so I added a dash of orange into the yellow area. I liked it just fine then.

I almost dropped the paper as I moved it to my drying area, so I just went ahead and made a run right to the top. No big deal. That run will definitely get filled in with printemps eventually.

I began a second sheet with a mop brush and a cup of water. Hahaha! I just slopped water all over the paper, then I dropped in several bits of ultramarine. It’s a beautiful blend of blues and purples. Do you see what the crystals do when they have enough water to start blooming and moving?

Well. I got a little excited and forgot to take photos until this point. I added in rose red, yellow, leaf green and turquoise. And where I needed to I sprayed a bit more water, but mostly I had enough already. I blasted that dark green area at the top with water, then I sat the piece aside to dry. Since there was plenty of water, the colors continued to mix and blend and my paper dried flat because I was using the glued block this time. Let me show you how it looks dry.

There was a lot of softening of colors as it dried and I like the way it looks. I’m not so interested in tangling this one right now, so it will probably go into a stack for a future book possibility.

I had one sheet of paper left on another block of Harmony hot pressed paper. This time I worked in sections. I started on the right with the mop brush and water and I added a bit of lemon and a bunch of the ultramarine. After covering the left side with water I added lemon and turquoise.

I added water down the middle and more lemon, a dash of violet and some of the sea green. Without adding any more water – I moved it to the side to dry. I liked the bit of purple dropping down and away from the ultramarine along the bottom right.

These colors softened a lot, too. I really love the combination in this one and will probably begin tangling it first.

Just a quick post for today. Update on Mark: we see the surgeon August 19th and will hopefully get a surgery date then – if his blood sugar cooperates. Prayers would be appreciated.

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Brusho Color Crystals
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12 thoughts on “Quick Color With Brusho

  1. Such cool art in such a shirt time! Thanks for showing these. Another art supply I did not know exexisted! Prayers for Mark and you!??

  2. Love my brushos! It was what got me started in making backgrounds.
    Thanks for sharing a good reminder.

    • I think the brushos were my second product getting in to backgrounds. I will use them for quite awhile, then forget I have them, then find them again and use them for awhile, then forget I have them. Hahahaha!

  3. Goodness – good news about the surgery going to happen, prayer will do. My favourite is that last one too – amazing how the two sides sort of got themselves unified so it looks like a cohesive whole.

    • I was just playing with that idea and it worked! hahaah! you never know.

  4. Love seeing you work with Brushos. As expected you are far braver than me – but I’m taking more chances with colour thanks almost entirely to you. I usually only work with one Brusho colour at a time, but I might just risk throwing in a second colour, or even a third!

    On that predominately yellow piece – with the green drip line I can see a single daffodil rising from a bed of leaves! It’s there – can you see it too?

    Sending best wishes for good news for Mark and you.

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