On an Opus


A couple years ago Zentangle┬« came out with a 10.5″ square tile they named the Opus. Tangling on a larger scale – many of us serious tanglers at the time already worked large scale so it was nice to have this format available.

At $4.40 apiece I try to make the Opus tiles I have last. Beautiful and fun to tangle but not economical. What you see above is the back side of the tile. The front is plain with no writing, just waiting for you to tangle. And that is the side most people use. But no one said you couldn’t tangle on the back. I began with my Dylusions Ink Sprays that I love so much! Then I added the tangles and I really got into the auras on this one. Hahahaha! It was so much fun I just kept adding lines. For patterns I used supplize, all boxed up, cee-a-mosa, O, mooka and fiore. Those are the main ones. All the writing comes on the tile already. If I tried to do that it would look a whole lot different. Hahahahaha!! And no one would be able to read it.

The 100 Day Project really took a tole on my drawing desire. I haven’t started my stencil project yet either. I am in serious photo editing mode for a new book. I have been working on this new book since Christmas and maybe even before. I am so ready to have it out there for you and it will be. Soon. Hopefully. I am closing in on having all the edits complete and will start putting it together. And it is a book you are going to need! And want! I promise. Big news is forthcoming about it!

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14 thoughts on “On an Opus

  1. Interesting to see the way you’ve placed those two blocks of tangles top left & bottom right – essentially sort of grid-like with Fiore being a sort of bridge between the organic curvy tangles & the grid-like. Large scale like this takes on another dimension with different dynamics both of colour & tangle types.

    • I like working large scale when I have time. it really is fun and you can be so creative.

  2. Beautiful Tile! Frame worthy! Have fun with your book! We are all excited about it!

    • I’m excited about the book, too. I really think it’s going to have to be 2 books but I’m trying to keep it under the megabyte space.

    • thank you – those dylusions inks are marvelous. I would use them every day if I had time. hahahaha!

  3. So glad you are getting close to finished with that book – it’s been a mammoth project. Maybe it will be the Mammoth Book of Tangling, lol!

    • hahaha! I’m still looking for a title. I’ll keep that in mind. hahahaha!

    • thank you, phillis, I need to do these more often. I find them really relaxing. just going with the flow

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