New Tangle from Zentangle HQ


Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle┬«, released a new tangle pattern this weekend through their newsletter. I am sharing the step out with you so you can give DooDah a try of your own. Fairly straight forward. I look forward to seeing what you do. I may even get a chance to play with this one myself. After The 100 Day Project I just haven’t felt like tangling much but you never know. It could happen.

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6 thoughts on “New Tangle from Zentangle HQ

  1. That’s one of the problems with doing the challenges. It’s satisfying to finish one, but I find I’m usually so exhausted afterwards that I don’t want to paint or draw for a month!

    • I bet you’ll be feeling that way after World Watercolor Month. getting your mojo back is hard so I’ll just enjoy a bit of a rest up

  2. Love this pattern, I remember seeing this printed on borders of photographs in the 30″s and 40’s growing up in arizona is was a popular pattern for mens leather belts, It also reminded me of elastic, Its a nice border for sewing on the border of a quilt as well. Hedge rows used to be planted in this configuration instead of fences. on large properties. Its so timeless Doo Dah doesn’t seem to give it its due. I wonder if researched how far back this pattern would go.

    • to the beginning to time probably. no patterns are really new. they’ve all been there somewhere before.

  3. This one is going to be interesting – such a useful one for borders using metallic pens & the like…… I’m sure there will be other ideas coming up from the ZT community too……

    • absolutely and it is an easy tangle that all levels of tanglers can utilize

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