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Joggles is celebrating their 16th birthday by offering a lot of super deals. One of the biggest and best deals is this brand new set of Marabu Alcohol Inks. Offered at half the price – I just couldn’t resist. Because who can resist Marabu anyway? Hahaha! Seriously!

Barb had them here in two days and I couldn’t wait to get started! Marabu released 26 colors, plus Rainbow and an Extender. That is what you see in the bags. In addition I grabbed one of Barb’s Fineline Applicators that I already had on hand and filled it with isopropyl alcohol.

The bottles have a sealed top. That means no spillage in shipping. Trust me, I’ve had that happen and all it does is create a huge mess and waste product. It is supposed to be an easy process, remove the white top and stab the inside seal with something sharp. Then you should be able to handle the bottles without any spilling, and you should be able to release the ink one drop at a time. In theory. First off, those white tops are super hard to get off the bottles. I had to use a butter knife to pry some of them off. I have colors I know I will never use in this set and I did not bother trying to get the tops off those.

Once you pierce the seal – do not believe that the inks will only come out of the bottle when you squeeze. That isn’t true. I had ink everywhere and I know how to use the inks. So inexperience was not the issue. But . . .

. . . once I got started – I had fun! I began by squirting some alcohol directly onto the paper. Actually not paper – I was working with a new-to-me product called Grafix Craft Plastic. It works similarly to Yupo.

I added some drops of lemon and apple. The set has a decent color selection and I really like these two together. I just dropped them in and let them move for a few seconds.

Then I used a coffee stirrer (those little brown swizzle sticks) and smoothed the color and alcohol around a bit for better coverage, then added more of the apple.

Here you can see some of the metallic silver I added. I hoped to be able to push the silver in lines with some air. I did not expect it to push the color away, I expected it to mix. And it did some.

I added more lemon and went back to the coffee stirrer and manipulated the colors around a bit more. Then dried the ink with a low temp heat source.

The tile did not have the oomph I wanted, so I brought in some turquoise and added a few drops.

And more alcohol, more apple and a little bit of the rainbow to see what it would do. I loved all the different cells I was getting at this point.

I moved this tile to the side and watched it over time. The color kept moving and blending and changing. Hard to believe it is the same piece.

And I got impatient. Yes, it’s a sad trait to have. So I plopped in a whole bunch of drops of the rainbow, then sat it to the side to dry. For real.

And as hard as it to believe – this is how it dried. But you may have to stand on your head because this photo is upside down from all the rest. So many layers and areas of texture. And I love it how it turned out! And the feel of these inks is different from all the others I’ve worked with. They feel smooth to the touch, not sticky or slick like other inks when dry. I haven’t tried tangling on these yet but I will probably start that later today.

All that silver? Yeah, I can’t see any of it either. But that’s ok.

I am just now noticing a dragon in this one. If I had noticed that at the time – you would be reading a whole different commentary on this piece. Unfortunately I did not see that. The colors? Magenta and purple.

Then I took a coffee stir stick and smoothed the colors across the whole surface. The yellow should make a great addition, right?

And a few more drops of that rainbow. That one is really hard to control coming out of the non-drip bottle. It just kind of scoots out all over the place. Even your desk and part of your shirt.

Then I stirred it all up with a coffee stick. And moved it off to dry – because I liked this! These colors were great together! Let me show it to you dry.

Crazy, isn’t it? It went from lots of straight lines to what looks like tides caused by a hurricane. And I’ve seen a few of those in my life time! Totally pushed that color out to the sides but strangely left the yellow pretty much alone.

Doesn’t it look like a weather map of the United States? Hahahahahahah! How does it feel? Smooth to the touch. Weird. Next.

Sadly this is the only photo of this one in the works. I used lemon, magenta and tangerine. So pretty! And coffee stirred. That was my go to with this post.

It is unbelievable to me that the beautiful colors on the tile merged into this. The only area that maintained any integrity was the lower right corner. Still I like it. It will be a work in progress learning these inks.

And incredibly – the whole tile is smooth to the touch. Want to see one last one?

I started with the alcohol. Next time I’m going to paint it on with a brush and see what happens. But for now – just a line of alcohol, then color. I used magenta, lemon, apple, Caribbean and tangerine. I figured why not.

No silver, no rainbow, but I did use the coffee stick and got this gorgeous piece of awesomeness! And I left it to dry while we ate dinner.

So. News flash. I am not a scientist. I can not explain what happened. I can say the colors continued to merge and I can say I am thankful I took the photo before this one because it is my absolute favorite! I may print it out and tangle it. Hahahaha! I can not explain why there are white dots like stars in the heavens all around the top of this cosmic looking tile. I can say I love this one the most of the four I made! It is just crazy to me how it turned out like this but I love it!

I will probably use a combination of white and black to draw on this tile. Or I may leave it alone and just admire it. Anyway, that was my first foray into the world of Marabu Alcohol Ink. And I can not wait to play again! Well, actually I will have to because there are other things I need to do first. Like pay the bills. But you get the idea! Hahahahahaha! I will leave you with a couple links and I will see you tomorrow. Hopefully. We may go to Presque Isle to buy tea and maybe see Mark’s doctor. Thanks for stopping by!

Marabu Alcohol Inks
Grafix Opaque White Craft Plastic
Fineline Applicator

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10 thoughts on “Marabu Alcohol Ink – New!

  1. WOW! Those are really interesting and pretty! I see a dog in the lemon, magenta and tangerine one (lower right corner). Also a dragon in the final photo.
    All are lovely.

  2. I have played around with alchol inks before, when i was into card making. We used glossy top cardstock, a very fine misty spray bottle with the Alchol inside Of it. we would use that mist bottle to cover our entire tile, or photo print paper, then carefully arange the colors in patterns of 5 or 3 then we would blow on them with a straw, If they didn’t move we would tilt the tile and cause them to run together, we would also use sponges, to make markes here or there, We also used cotton pads for distrubution of color, and sometimes a brayer! or blending brush. the possibilities are endless, One can also put perfect pearls in these colors. Another way we used alchol inks was to put two different colors at opposite ends of a plastic sandwich container, Tape our glossy card topper to the lid, we then misted the middle of the sandwich container with alchol mister put a marble in there, secured the top then roll the marble into each color and the alchol turn your sandwich upside down and have at the marble rolling it around every which way, the marble would make very find lines of ink all over the paper, it was so much fun and made wonderful background papers. It also is fun to add bubbles, buy one of those child hood bubble pipe makers and go to town blowing a dish full of them transfer the bubbles to your glossy cardstock that has the alchol and inks push the bubbles around, when they all pop let it dry. all the cells look great.

  3. Those are absolutely stunning ! I would so love to play with those! Way different medium! What are they designed for? Could you put them on top of water in a tub and dip paper and get transfer? Oh things to play with! Have fun!

    • I have not idea if the water idea would work or not. I could sure give it a go and see 🙂

  4. Hmmm – these are a totally different medium aren’t they? I wouldn’t know the first thing about playing with them. Almost makes you think that somebody went & did something to the pieces whilst they were drying – they change that much.

    • they really did change a lot! but I don’t think Aurora has learned how to do that yet. she would just chew up the paper. hahahaha!

      • Mmmm – there’d definitely be teeth mark about I reckon, besides which she’d get herself rainbow coloured in the process so you’d definitely know.

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