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I like making colorful, bright, beautiful backgrounds probably more than anything else in art. Yes, I enjoy tangling on them as well but the making of the color just makes me extremely happy. In this short post I am going to show you five backgrounds I made using four different products.

All five pieces were created on a cold pressed watercolor postcard from Hahnemühle and were featured in a review last week. I do not have any photos of making this particular piece of art. The makers of Dylusions Ink Sprays also have a line of paint pens available. The biggest factor with these paint pens is to remember to activate the roller ball inside by shaking the pen. The color gets mixed and blended this way and the pens work better. To make this card, I scribbled small 2″ areas of several different colors on my craft mat, then spritzed the whole thing with water. By working in small areas I was able to get a bigger selection of colors on one small piece of paper. I placed the postcard face down in the color to lift colors, then I rotated the card and placed it down again. This technique created the overlap of colors and the different layers you see. This one is going to be fun to tangle on!

For this next card, I brought out these two colors of Sharpie Marker. You probably have a few of these laying around your home already.

I first scribbled the color on my craft mat, then sprayed water on the color. That causes the beading up. Don’t have a craft mat? Any non-porous surface should work. Even a plastic sheet protector would work.

When I placed my postcard down into the color I did not get the bright pretty colors I expected. Sharpies usually work well so I was surprised. But not to be deterred, I grabbed a couple Neon Markers from Letraset and added them to my mat. You can see the color lift went better this time.

In this photo you can see the original purple scribbles from the Sharpie marker. The pink Sharpie? Not so much. Hahahaha! But the green and pink neon Letrasets worked great! Much of my art is an experiment to see what happens.

I held the card upright and sprayed water along the top, allowing it to run down the card. Then sat it aside to dry.

Didn’t it turn out super? That pink washed down and lightened up as the postcard dried, creating some orange and peach colors. I used the purple Sharpie and pink and green Letrasets and got all these colors. Pretty amazing!

You have seen me work with Kelly Creates Aqua Brushes before. For this particular card, I painted the color straight onto the postcard. You can see the colors didn’t work all that well for coverage. I had lots of almost dry brushing going on here.

So I blasted the whole thing with water and just let the colors and water run and mix and mingle and work. And it is like magic!

From that photo to this one – you can see how the color continues to migrate all by itself. You don’t need to help it. And you can also get an idea of how little these Hahnemühle postcards flex when soaked.

Here is the postcard once everything dried. I have no idea why that teal bloom happened on the upper left side. I am guessing the water ran into that area as I moved the postcard to my drying rack. I do love that crackly teal ring around that section. And the colors on this card are brighter and bolder in person than this photo shows you. Definitely one of my favorite pieces with Kelly Creates.

Here I went back to my most used technique – scribbling the color directly onto the mat, then spritzing with water. Kelly Creates Aqua Brushes again. Just two colors this time. By spraying the water into one area – at an angle across the paper – you can force these splatters of water which turns into really cool looking splatters of color.

I still had color on the mat, so I did another lift of color then stood the postcard on its side and allowed the orange colors to run down into the yellow. Beautiful edge along that lower section.

I added a little more water to what was on the mat and did a third lift.

You can see here that the right hand side of the postcard is dry already, but the left side still has a good bit of wet to it. I took my pink pen and touched it into the wet areas in several places – depositing plenty of pink color. I had no idea if this would make a difference or not, but look . . .

. . . it absolutely made a difference. I was able to change up almost all the orange that was still wet. And still had a little migration of color as well.

Let me show you one last card with the Kelly Creates Aqua brushes. Two colors. This is what happens when you spritz water onto the scribbled color. This is the look you should get.

And here is the postcard after I lifted color a couple times. Beautiful!

Isn’t it fun once it is dry? These five postcards didn’t take any time at all to make. And now I have five wonderful backgrounds to tangle.

Clean up? Yeah, that can be pretty cool, too! Hahahaha! When the paper towels look this good I put them in a drawer and save them for collage art.

Watercolor Postcards and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

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8 thoughts on “Making Color Art!

  1. Thanks, as always. I am looking forward to a post where you use the colored paper toweling. ?

    Have a good week!

  2. Beautiful! These came our gorgeous! I am glad I am not the only one to save their beautiful paper towels ??

    • mostly I pull them out and look at them hahahaha! but sometimes I use them, too

  3. It’s that first pastel one that’s my favourite – it will be fascinating to see what you do with that one. I’d never have thought Sharpies would activate with water – somehow had in my head that it would be something like copic blender or alcohol mixative………….

    • I like that one, too! I’m almost finished editing step outs and can turn back to drawing again soon

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