Making a Dragon Scale


OK, so maybe a little misleading with that post title. If you are new to my place here you may not be aware of Doug. Allow me to introduce you to him.

Ta-da! Doug! I love dragons. I have dragons inside and outside. When we moved to the log house in Maine we brought all my dragons from Florida and relocated them to the north and the snow. And I really wanted a dragon mailbox. I found this stand on Amazon and had it shipped.

Pretty sturdy, too. Mark took the mailbox off the top of the post and slid the new dragon down over the post and reattached the mailbox at the top. There is a 6 foot post shooting right down the middle. So he should be pretty immovable. All my dragons have names and this guy needed one, too. The mailman pulled into the driveway and commented that he really liked the mailbox dragon. So I did the only thing that came to mind. I asked the postman his name – Doug – and I named the dragon Doug. Made the mailman smile really big! And now I can always remember his name, too! Hahaha!

Doug has seen more than his share of snow. He is right in the path of the snowplow trucks that clear our roads. Us Florida people never even thought about that when we put the post in the rocky ground. And Doug held his own for two winters.

Then we had this past winter happen. More than twice the normal snowfall. It was really crazy and Doug spent most of the winter buried.

Then we came home from errands one day and couldn’t see the mailbox. It was gone and very little of Doug was visible. I started digging Doug out with my gloved hands – I was afraid of what I’d find. And Mark started looking for the mailbox. He eventually found it buried and down in the ditch. With mail in it. And I could only get Doug’s head and paws uncovered. The snow was mostly iced and solid. And so we waited for spring.

And when the snow melted I could see Doug had lost a patch of scales. Nothing major and I was really thankful. I figured I’d be getting a new Doug and we’d be moving that post. But Doug held up fairly well. But each time we pulled in the driveway I felt like Doug needed a bandaid. Hahahaha!

So a couple days ago I gathered up supplies. Hahahaha! And prepared to do some damage repair.

Actually I was trying to find the glow in the dark paint I have somewhere, but settled for lime green. It sounded like a nice dragon scale color. Hahahahaha! And my brush was too wide so Doug got a little more paint than I intended but I know the weather will take care of that. And for now – Doug has a new scale shaped bandaid covering his snow plow battle wound. Until next winter.

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16 thoughts on “Making a Dragon Scale

    • he is indeed. hahaha! I really like him a lot so I’m glad he made it through the winter

    • thanks 🙂 I thought it was appropriate to name him after the other Doug 🙂

  1. Aw poor Doug! Hoping your scale bandaid works. How big is the missing scale? Wondering What it would take to create a replacement?

  2. Amazing he’s survived all that weather. How whatever hit him didn’t do itself any damage will remain a mystery…………

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