Hand Jive, Anyone?


Throw back to the 40’s! Hahahaha! And no – before anyone asks, I was not alive in the 40’s. Close but not then. The hand jive was a dance associated with rhythm and blues and incorporated a complicated pattern of hand moves and claps. Well that’s what we are going to do today! Just kidding! Although you may if you wish. I am going to talk about hands.

Specifically the hands of our family members. A couple years ago I started a project that I have fallen woefully behind on. But I am going to pick it up and get back to it. I made a beautiful full-color journal and I started tracing hands of my family. These are the hands of my daughter Kali and I would recognize this piano playing fingers anywhere!

It is easy to start! I began with some sheets of printer paper and traced the hands onto the paper. This hand belongs to my little Frankles. I had to trace this one fast!

I traced her mom’s hands as well. After cutting the hands out, I could layer them on a page in my journal and see how I wanted to configure the page.

And I just traced them onto a page. From here I will tangle each hand separately while still keeping them superimposed – as a unit, like a family.

I have the left and right hands on pages facing each other. When I trace my son’s hands I will superimpose them behind these and tangle them also. Documenting their family unit.

I got a start on the Frankles’ left hand. Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow.

The tangled hands can be a really fun way to document your family line. The tangles themselves allow you to bring in whatever aspects of the individual personalities you would like. By keeping them all in one journal you maintain that history to pass down as a legacy. And a bonus is you can enjoy them anytime you want to and dream about being all together. My only regret is I didn’t get my mother’s hands drawn while she was still here. I have some granddaughters living in other states. I have asked their mom to trace their hands onto a sheet of computer paper and text the photographs to me. Since they will have been drawn onto computer paper – when I print them out to add to my journal they will be the correct size. And no one will know I didn’t trace them in person. Long distance art! Gotta love it!

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4 thoughts on “Hand Jive, Anyone?

  1. Lovely idea for the family to look back on in later years. Hadn’t thought about superimposing family members – very interesting concept.

    • I think it’s nice to keep the family units together and incorporate the whole family in one journal. hopefully I will be able to stick with it 🙂

    • you should do your mom’s hands – I’m sure you would make something beautiful and wonderful with them

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