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Isn’t that a great feature photo? Hahahaha! Such a sweet little guy! Today was Open Farm Day at the Gallifreyan Farm in Linneus, Maine. And we knew they had alpacas! What else did we need to know? Hahahaha! Not a thing! That was a good enough draw for me!

We hadn’t been to any events in Maine like this so far, so we didn’t know what to expect. And it was a surprise to learn that this farm is actually located with 2-3 miles from our house. Jason, Bobbie and the Frankles joined us and even Mark managed to limp around the field and check out the animals. The first pen had a horse, a full sized donkey, a couple alpacas, and some sweet little mini donkeys that reminded Mark and me so much of my Mona, Luna and Hershey that we left behind when we moved to Maine.

Meet Lola. The Gallifreyan women brought Lola right outside to meet the Frankles. I loved my minis. You could wrap your arms around them, and lay on them and hug them. I think Mark misses ours, too.

Lola seemed to like the Frankles just fine and before you know it . . .

. . . a ride was happening. She was a little unsure up there, so Bobbie kept a hand on her for reassurance.

This one is called let’s watch Grammy Alice all but fall in a hole.

And pretty soon the Frankles had relaxed and had a super ride. Thank you, Lola! You rock!

Beautiful animal! Wasn’t very sure of us, though, so this was as close as I got. Her buddy . . .

. . . was a whole lot more comfortable and totally wanted to eat my camera. Hahahaha!

If you followed my work when we lived in Florida and had a horse ranch, you will already know I love taking photos of horse eyes. Weird, yes? I couldn’t get this guy to lift his head above the railing – so you have that shadow. I just like looking at their eyes.

From there we walked over to this guy. Hahahaha! I took twenty pictures to get this one. He kept ducking his head down to the ground. But I think this one photo is pretty awesome.

Then Jason found these guys. Aren’t they adorable??? Look at that fuzzy hair! Of course they wouldn’t let me touch the tops of their heads, I could rub their noses but that was it. And this one just followed me with his eyes everywhere I went. Probably hoped I’d brought a treat. Silly donkey lady should know to bring treats, right?

The Frankles wasn’t too sure about the alpacas. She didn’t really get much closer.

So. Can you tell who my favorite was? Hahahaha! Aren’t the beautiful?

And I guess they liked us, too!

Then Mark was like – come check this out!

Yep, Mr. Turkey strutting his stuff but all Mrs. Turkey wanted to do was run away! Hahahahaha! You go, girl!

I do love the patterns in those feathers, though!

Sorry, I do not remember this dapper fellow’s name. So well behaved and he let the Frankles rub him all she wanted to. Don’t you like Bobbie’s shirt? Hahahaha! Adult-ish!

There was a vendor area and I really didn’t take any photos there except this one of the Frankles just after she got a little face paint. The lady had her paints stashed in those cool little jars the Twinkling H2Os used to come in and of course I had to ask her about the jars. She probably thought I was nuts. I did buy a moose puzzle cut out of pine. I told the lady that moose would be a different color by the end of the day. She asked me to send her a photo. And got a baby dragon puzzle for the Frankles and then we left because it was 85 degrees. We moved to Maine to get away from the heat. But we had a great family morning first and a great first time visit to Gallifreyan Farm!

Note *** if I miss a couple days here and there posting, it is because I am working on a new book. A monster of a new book. You will know about here as soon as it’s available on Amazon.

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14 thoughts on “Gallifreyan Farm, Maine

  1. Wow! Looks like a great place. I should look and see if we have anything like that around here. It would make a great photo shoot!

    • thanks, phillis, made us miss our horses and mini donkeys. it was nice to love on someone else’s for awhile

  2. What a wonderful day! I love all of the animals, but mini donkeys just melt my heart! They are so smart and funny and cute…oh I need mini donkeys! Oh, and I need that “Adult-ish” shirt!
    The Frankles makes me smile – she is just too adorable!

  3. Loved the pics of the animal farm. The alpacas were awesome. Especially the white ones. I have a friend that has alpacas. When she shears them she has the hair turned into yarn and the knitters in my art class purchase the yarn and knit scarves for the winter Fascinating she does this and we are not in a particularly rural area.

    • yes, they had alpaca yarn for sale. I meant to go back and get some but I forgot. I thought it would go nicely on tags.

  4. Thanks for sharing your great day ! Love all the pictures of the animals !

  5. Glad you had a wonderful day! Looks like it was a fun farm! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work on the book!

    • I put your pattern in today. want to know what page you are on? page 32 🙂 yayayayay!!!

  6. Don’t think I’ve really thought about alpacas before but they look fascinating – think I’ll keep them at a distance though. That brown one looks stunning amid the white ones. Very surprised at how small the donkey is next to Frankles, so good to see you having a lovely family day & Frankles enjoying the animals so much. Thinking of you with the book endeavours.

    • your prayers will be appreciated. this book is taking forever. I currently have 67 patterns in place and a little under 400 more to go.
      mini donkeys – I had three in Florida and I loved them. I could just lay on them and wrap my arms around them and they let me. it was great.

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