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Yesterday for my stencil post I walked you through setting up the bare bones base for my bird tag.

Here it is again in case you did not see it. FB group Creative Crafty Friends is on fire with swaps and right now we are swapping bird tags. Tags are not really my thing but I figure it’s always good to step outside your zone – once in awhile. So I did. I took a walk on the wild side. Hahahaha!

I began by gathering up the things I could find that might be bird related. Actually I started by pulling out all manner of butterfly stuff and then remembered . . . bird. I had a decent collection of ephemera to play with and right away started weeding out pieces. I worked this whole project expecting to use one particular item to finish it off. I’ll tell you in a minute how that worked out.

I knew I definitely wanted to use the bird and branch that you see here. Barb at Joggles dubbed them watercolor art parts. Pretty spiffy, they come as a sheet of watercolor paper with a bunch of these already punched. All I did was add dylusions ink sprays for color and snip the few edges that were holding them intact. I keep a bunch of these on hand ready to roll. I have used deer, these branches and birds on a number of occasions. You can see Barb’s whole line of these right here. I also made a second smaller tag that I wanted to incorporate somehow.

The section you see on the right is an old scrapbook page of stickers that I held on to. You can see where I cut out a tab and then stapled it onto my tag. I inked its edges first. Of course. Hahahaha!

This section of words is part of a scrapbook page. The whole 12 x 12 was filled with writing. I have it cut down into smaller segments and I liked some of the wording for this tag.

Now that I had an idea of where I was going – I inked the edges of the bird with these two colors. Not so easy on some of those round areas.

I ran the bird, the branch and the word block through my sticker machine. That allows me to use each piece as a sticker and takes the work out of trying to figure out how to adhere the elements to the tag. Normally I would adhere them with matte medium or a clear gesso, but those dylusions ink sprays are water activated. Using something wet over them messes up the crisp color. So stickers it is!

Adhered in place . . .

. . . then I cut off the overhang on the sides and inked those edges. It isn’t necessary to keep all elements trimmed close to the edges, but I did want the branch to be flush.

Case in point – I adhered my bird trying to make it look like she was sitting on the branch which made her wing stick off the side. I was going to say does this tag make my butt look big? but realized it is a wing and not a tail. Hahahaha!

Time to add some wording. I decided to go with She laughed and danced and cut that out of the sticker piece and inked the edges with that pretty Caribbean I used on the tag base.

And since it had become a sticker I was able to just attach it in place.

I kept looking at this photo trying to figure out why I took it. Hahaha! I added some jewels at the bottom. Hard to tell in this photo but hopefully I got a better one.

Then I turned my attention to the baby tag I wanted to use. Originally I thought I might adhere this tag to the first one but I didn’t want to lose all that beautiful color by covering it up more than I already had. So I decided on a second tag. And the scrapbooking sticker sheet really appealed to me. As they were the elements were too big for that tag.

So I trimmed them and inked the word block edges, then adhered them in place. They were already a sticker so that was easy. And I can’t believe I didn’t think to ink the edges of this tag . . . . but I didn’t.

Wow! That is really dark! Not so in real life. All that was left was to put some ribbon at the top of the tags. I mentioned I had worked this whole tag with one item in mind. In Florida I had some beautiful yarn that had 4 or 5 strands of ribbon, yarn and fibers interwoven and it had beautiful bright pinks and teals and yellow and orange and blues. I know I brought it to Maine when we moved and I wanted to use it to tie off this tag. Long story almost short – I can not find it anywhere!!! But I know it is here. But this tag needed to get mailed, so I opened the ribbon drawer and brought out three I thought would work.

These colors go well with the colors on the tag. I just attached them through the hole and clipped the edges. I’ll show you how in a second.

The hole on this tag was much smaller, so I went with a lighter weight ribbon and that pretty crocheted one.

I cut an equal length of each ribbon, placed them together and folded them in half. Then working front of the tag to the backside – I fed the folded section through the hole . . .

. . . then fed the four ends through the loop. And gently tugged to take up the slack. It is easy if you pull them one ribbon piece at a time and let the ribbon snug up around the tag.

And you get this pretty finished loop to complete the project.

Isn’t she pretty?

There’s a better shot of those jewels.

I even added a couple heart shaped jewels on this baby tag.

And this dimensional pop flower to the main tag.

For something I’m not comfortable with – making tags – I am happy with the way they turned out. And now my two bird tags are winging their way to South Carolina where they will be living near the water. That should make them happy. Hahahahaha!

Want to check out Creative Crafty Friends? Just click here and tell them Alice sent you.

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6 thoughts on “Bird Tag and One

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Love seeing your art! Now off to weed? and think of your artā¤?

  2. I do like the way the word “FLY” is in the same colour way as the bird & diagonally opposite each other – the eye really connects them. Having that leaf branch flush with the tag edges makes the whole design less fussy than otherwise it might be. I tie ribbons like that too – when they’re on a tag that is. That lacey ribbon with the teal/yellow/white check is lovely. And doesn’t that multicoloured one on the main bird tag really pick up all the colours in the tag.

    • thanks, I really wanted to use the fiber I had in mind but couldn’t find. I was happy with the ribbons, though, especially the blue and green on the smaller tag

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