A Water Gun I Dare You!


Wondering what that title means? Hahaha! If you are a member of FB group Tangle All Around, you already know what I’m talking about. Hopefully. For those of you who do not – let me tell you about I Dare You!

I admin a very active and friendly group of tanglers on Facebook in a group I named Tangle All Around. Each Saturday I give them a set of prompts for the week – meant to encourage and teach new tangling skills and techniques. Our members range from brand new tanglers, to wannabe tanglers, to intermediate level tanglers, to full blown know what they are doing tanglers. And we all get along and help each other. It is amazing!

Each Wednesday we have a prompt I named I Dare You! because I mean it to challenge them and get them creating art while they learn and advance their skills. This week’s activity came about when one of members posted about water gun art on her wall. Rachel Foster is a member of our group and this came about because Rachel did this with her husband and grandson on their vacation. You can see the supplies above. Water squirt guns, food color and clothespins. All total I spent $4 at Dollar Tree.

If you have kids – or you are a fun spirited kind of person – you may already have all these supplies on hand. I think we had food coloring dye somewhere but I couldn’t find it. And don’t spend a fortune on these water guns. I got all six of them for two bucks. The thought is to fill your water gun with some colored water. I should have asked Rachel what her ratio of water to dye was up front. But I did not. I probably used too much water or not enough dye. I mixed mine in a bowl, Rachel did hers directly in the gun. I did about 1/4 cup water and 10ish drops of color. Rachel filled her guns with water, then added about 20 drops of color. Do whatever works best for you. Here is mixed red with yellow to make orange. Straight up primary colors are not my thing. Hahahaha!

I tried making purple but I was unsuccessful. So I went with variations of green and blue, green and yellow, red and yellow, yellow and blue, and one straight up red, and one straight up blue. Six guns total.

My initial hope was to hang 15 sheets of paper on Belle’s dog run. But. We live in Maine where it is windy everyday and yesterday was especially windy. A bunch of my papers blew away and I had to chase them down. In the end all we could keep on the line was 5 pages so that’s what I worked with. Mark hung the papers for me, and since he needs a hip replacment I did the running to retrieve the papers. Hahahaha!

I meant to take more photos, but wind is a real issue here. I stood about 3 – 4 feet back and shot the color at the pages. Nothing fancy, just try to hit the papers. Hahahaha! I do like the automatic drips and runs I got thanks to gravity.

As the color ran down – and even started to dry in places – I sprayed some more on the pages.

The colors look a little better in person, this was in the full blown sunlight. I ended up with five pages. Let me show you.

Minimal messiness. The hardest part with the color itself was getting it into the gun through those tiny little holes. The hardest part outside was the wind. And it is always winding in Maine. It was definitely fun, though! And now I have five pages of fun color to work with. For paper you can use any kind. Rachel used copy paper and frankly, it probably would have stayed on the line better for me in the wind. I used mixed media paper which is heavier and more prone to blow away. Either way is fine. Think about how you want to use these pieces of watercolor wonder and use the appropriate paper in your process.

Excellent project, Rachel! Thanks for sharing! Looking for a fun tangle place to hang out? Come on over to FB by clicking here and answer the three simple questions that tell me you are a breathing person and not a machine – and I will welcome you in. I’d love to see what you do with our water squirt gun challenge.

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17 thoughts on “A Water Gun I Dare You!

  1. Oh my – that sounds like a comedy show. Nice to see Mark getting involved & you certainly ended up with some lovely pieces to tangle.

  2. That looked really fun! Woll have to try it! Well done! We seem to have a lot of wind to, so will have to watch the weather. We are getting a lot of rain here. Wonder what designa one would get if you put some ink on a page then let it rank on it? Another mother nature art? Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks like fun. It looks a little like your old job training came in handy as well.. lol

  4. Cool idea! We get the wind a lot here too, so I think I’d put my paper down on newspaper in the garage and spray them that way. Not as fun, but easier to be sure I wouldn’t end up wearing the paint!

  5. Alice, I love this idea. I like to do fun things with my 3 grandsons when my daughter goes back to school for preplanning. The 13 year old likes to draw so he may use some of these for his dragons. I’ll use the rest for tangle backgrounds instead of your book pages. I have 4 of your books I use mostly for trips. They are compact and easy to carry.

    • oh! I am so glad to hear that! thank you so much for supporting my art with my books. <3 and yes, these will be awesome to make with your grandsons. I'd love to see a dragon on one!

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