A Stencil and a Tag :)


Day two of the stencil art making. Yayayay!!! Today in regard to taking back the studio I cleaned out a bunch of drawers. FB group Creative Crafty Friends is hosting a giveaway of excess stash. Supplies you have too many of or supplies you aren’t using – we can trade in the group. So today I cleaned out 22 drawers and packaged five batches to ship out. I was able to free up a drawer and a half, and part of one shelf in the closet – I forgot about the closet! – and now I have room for the new alcohol inks I ordered this morning. Hahahahaha! And . . . I found 5 more stencils.

I am also participating in a bird tag swap, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone so to speak – and work on the tag with one of the stencils I found. Who knew I had tags? I found them in one of the drawers. And I have decided the ColorBox Dyestress ink pads are my absolute favorite for every kind of art.

This is going to be a quick post – I started with the color bumblebee. That ink pad color is deceiving. I used the blending tool to spread the color onto my tag using a circular motion. We talked about circles a couple days ago.

See what I mean about deceiving? That bumblebee is a beautiful yellow! I used the aster to cover that top left using the same circular motions for coverage and to blend the lines between the aster and the bumblebee.

Fruit punch is one of my favorite colors in this Dyestress line. If you are wondering – and even if you aren’t – I have three blending tools that I use almost all the time. In between colors I just dab it off on a paper towel and go to the next ink pad. Easy peasy, no problemo.

And last I used the Caribbean blue ink pad to fill in that lower left area. Blending lines all the way. I actually added more of the fruit punch to help with the blending. I like how it turned purple in between the pink and blue.

Usually I save this step til last, but not today. It’s been one of those days. I went ahead and inked the edges of the tag with heather.

That top area was a little too light for me so I brought in the cabernet and inked some more. Perfecto! But I did mention this was a stencil post.

This is one of the stencils I found today. And since it had never been out of the package – you can actually see what it is and where it came from. Yayayay!!! I thought it would be a good addition – adding texture using the lettering from the stencil. A faux post note.

And I did something I wish I had been doing all these years. I wrote the name of the company and of the stencil with permanent Sharpie straight onto the stencil. Boom! Ok, tag is on the bottom, then the stencil, then the painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place. I had a feeling the stencil was going to be hard to get the ink through. There are no definite shapes on this stencil. I was concerned that shifting might be a issue, so I taped the stencil in place.

I used a blending tool to pick up color from the moss ink pad and stamped color all over the stencil, pouncing the blending tool. You can see the moss color at the top where I had already added color. I thought it was working very well.

I added color through the entire stencil, then I used a paper towel to wipe across the surface. This basically smooths the ink out and allows me to make sure all areas have sufficient ink.

All that was left was to remove the stencil, take the tape off and run tap water over the stencil. I didn’t have to scrub or anything. Just ran water over it and all that ink came right off. These Dyestress pads are super. And here is the stenciled tag. Didn’t it work great? I have some ideas for turning this into a bird tag and I will work on it tomorrow. Actually I have about 12 ideas. Hopefully one of them will work. Hahahahaha! I guess you will just have to check back to see.

Are you interested in participating in some swaps? You can click here to get to Creative Crafty Friends. Ask to join and you will need to answer a couple questions. The first will be how did you find out about them. You can just tell them Alice sent you. It is a fun, happening group. I am super excited about it! I’d love to see you there!

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16 thoughts on “A Stencil and a Tag :)

  1. Your tag turned out so bright and perfect! I think I am going to try this with some ivy leaf stencils I have. Thank you for the ideas! 🙂

  2. I love how your tag has turned out so far! Just so you know, you got me hooked on the Dyetress Ink Pads! Such very yummy color. 🙂

  3. Those Dyestress colors are awesome! I especially like the Carribbean Blue. I’m tempted, but I already have many inkpads that have probably dried out because I just never use them. They are magic in your hands!

    • I know what you mean. I have some ink pads I’ve had for probably 10 years. I got rid of some to make room for these.

  4. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well with that studio reclamation – very inventively too, hadn’t thought about swapping stash. Love the way you’ve blended those colours on the tag – smooth blending I remember isn’t easy. I can sense your enjoyment with the swaps too.

  5. I love the colors of ink you chose!! I think I need to put these ink pads on my wish list?♥️
    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post…..because a little birdie told me!!?

    • hahaha! <3 and yes, these are super ink pads. a little birdie . . . hehehehe

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