54 Pens and an Idea!


When we lived in Florida I had art supplies stashed in two rooms and a closet. When we moved to Maine, I downsized all that to one small bedroom. A new art studio. As I unpacked boxes I had to get really creative about what went where. Every square inch of this room is utilized – except for the walking area. And occasionally when I look for something specific – something else turns up. Such was the case a couple weeks ago when I opened this drawer.

There are so many things stuffed into this drawer including 4-500 sheets of 12 inch Bazzill card stock that I couldn’t leave behind. I got these papers for a song when a Florida scrapbook store was closing. Ten cent a sheet. Super deal! Various punches, my Zebra colored pencils, my Neocolor pastel crayons, various small tangling books, assorted reading glasses, bone folders, my Dad’s tape measure, various scissors and this basket of pens. Ha! I had forgotten about them – I don’t use this drawer very often. But as I went in search of a bone folder I came across this basket.

I did the only thing that made sense. I dumped them all out onto the desk top and sorted through them. My favorites are the Hello Kitty gel pens I got from Jet Pens.

A total of 54 pens. Who knew that one little basket could hold that many! Hahaha! Don’t you love my little note showing some of what I found inside?

These particular pens rarely get used so I had the idea to make one piece of art using every one of those 54 pens. No matter what! I grabbed a 9″ x 12″ sheet of mixed media paper – I could have gone smaller but I didn’t know that at the time. And I divided it up into some sections. Sorry about the shadows on the photos – taken at nighttime and I was tired and not thinking. I began with a couple Zebra Fountain Pens that somehow got lost in that basket. I keep these in a different drawer normally. Cool fact. If you draw with a Zebra Fountain Pen then go over the lines with a water brush – the color acts a little like watercolor. I was able to move the color with a light wash. Cool! And though you can’t tell – that lower right section is all sparkly and glittery from the Wink of Stella markers.

I worked on this for small bits of time here and there. Adding tangles, trying to use a different pen each time. And putting the pens I used back into the basket as I went.

Building and adding.

Until I felt like I was finished. Hahahahaha! I used every pen at least once and many of them two or three times. Except for printemps I think they are all my own patterns. Such fun! And now I’m happy that my pens aren’t sitting wasted in that drawer any longer. Maybe now I will remember they are there. Maybe. Hahahahahahah!

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10 thoughts on “54 Pens and an Idea!

    • I’m moving on to found stencils as soon as The 100 Day Project is over. you guys are gong to get inundated with stencil posts. warning you in advance hahahaha

  1. Beautiful! My luck, half would gave been dried out! Glad you got to use all of them!

    • I did wonder about that but they all worked well. I didn’t need to toss any out

  2. I love the two big airways tangles best – especially having one with the red centre & the other with the fuchsia, don’t they look different?

    • this was a difficult piece for me, and I got tired of it way too early in. I think it was all the different colors. I’m used to working with 2 or 3 at a time. but I did it. hahahaha! I think those airways are my favorite, too.

  3. You have a room dedicated to art supplies? I’m jealous. Mine are strewn around the house and piled around my comfy chair. I spend more time looking for stuff than using it, lol.

    • I do, too. I have a bedroom that I use as a studio. and I have stuff stashed everywhere in here. it is hard to remember where things are, I search for one thing and find something else

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